Datasheet of JK1AVK

Radio Armateur
as of November 28th, 2020


Callsign: JK1AVK
Operator: Hiro

Data of Location:

Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 1120001
Grid Square Locater: PM95UR
ITU: 45
CQ Zone: 25
JCC: 100 105


Latitude 35.717306 (35° 43′ 2” N)
Longitude 139.744623 (139° 44′ 40” E)

Licenses of Radio Amateur of Japan:

The Fourth Grade: Granted in July, 1996
The Third Grade: Granted in July, 2020
The Second Grade: Learning now
The First Grade: Not yet

Opening Date of the Station

July 2nd, 2020


Dipole antennas including lateral bent dipole
Yagi antennas invented by Dr.Hidetsugu Yagi and Dr.Shintaro Uda
The other Japanese compact antennas
Skywave propagation including  Near Vertical Incidence Skywave propagation(NVIS) technology
Solar cycle and ionosphere
Analog phone QSOs
DX FM radio, DX AM radio and AIR bands receiving
Meteorology particularly typhoons and forecasting
Virology, immunology, epidemiology and human nutrition
Web technologies
Science, engineering, technologies, designs and philosophies particularly from Japan

QSL Cards:

Three ways including a classical snail 6-month paper post card via the bureau, Internet web based supersonic e-card via and no exchange of cards too.

Databases Registered:

Ministry of Internal Affaires and Communications of Japan: Yes
: Yes Yes Yes
Turbo HAMLOG: Yes

Bands appearing now.

7MHz   7,000 to 7,200 MHz

7,050 to 7,200 MHz for SSB phone

Antenna: a dipole antenna, COMET’s CWA-7H, 20 meters above the ground using horizontal fixed directional radio wave propagation.
Balun: COMET’S CBL-2500
Antenna mast: telescopic aluminum masts, COMET’s CP-80L x 1 piece, COMET’s CP-45 x 2 pieces and SUNSHUN’s SCCF-8000 x 1 piece
Tower: NAGARA’s NRT-200HD

430MHz   430 to 440 MHz

431.4 to 431.9MHz for FM phone
432.1 to 434.0MHz for FM phone

Antenna-1: a ground plane antenna, DIAMOND’s X-50, 13 meters above the ground using vertical radio wave propagation.
Antenna-2:a ground plane antenna, DIAMOND’s X-50, 20 meters above the ground using vertical radio wave propagation.
Antenna-3: a Yagi antenna, RADIX’s RY-430M6 with six elements x 1 piece, 12 meters above the ground using vertical fixed directional radio wave propagation.
Antenna-4: a biconical antenna, COMET’s CBC-70, 15 meters above the ground using vertical wave propagation


ICOM’s IC-7610M

A desktop one, HF & 50MHz

YAESU’s FT-7900H

A desktop one, 144  & 430MHz


A handheld one, 144  & 430MHz



A desktop one, 100KHz to 1,300MHz


A handheld one, 100KHz to 1,300MHz

GAKKEN’s Vacum Tube Radio Version 2

A desktop one, 531KHz – 1,602KHz

Power Supplies:

Alinco’s DM-330MV

A desktop one, Output DC 5-15V variable, Maximum 30A

Panasonic’s BQ-100

A portable one, DC 12V, Maximum 10A

The other antennas:

A Yagi antenna, RADIX’s RY-144M3/II with three elements x 1 piece, for 114MHz, 12 meters above the ground using vertical fixed directional radio wave propagation.

A super disk-cone antenna, DIAMOND’S D-130 mainly for receiving.

An FM Yagi antenna, MASPRO’s FM2A with two elements x 1 piece,   12 meters above the ground for horizontal fixed directional FM radio waves.

A four-loop antenna GH-4 for 430MHz band designed by Tomohiko Kinebuchi (JA1NUW)

The other items and facilities:

Roof towers: NAGARA’s NRT-200 and NRT-150


Cable Selectors: DIAMOND’s CX310A x 2 pieces

Antenna Standing Wave / Network Analyzer: COMET’s CAA-500 Mark II

Antenna Stay: GLASS FIBER KOKEN’s DEBEGLASS WIRE 4mm diameter デベグラスワイヤー


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