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TSDS Swing Sundays:   

This is a lindyhop dance class in Tokyo every Sunday not only for beginners but also advanced and professional dancers.  It started just after Frankie Manningfs first lindyhop workshop in Tokyo in 1998.   History of lindyhop in Japan began from here.  If you want to learn the dance in Tokyo, this is it.  See feedback from the students please.


General Time table:


Stretching 13:30-14:00
Dancing elements of the lindyhop 14:00-14:30
Beginners and intermediate: 14:40-15:30
(Tea Break)
Intermediate and advanced 16:00-16:45
Practice and social dance time 16:45-17:15

  The time table above will be subject to change.

The latest information will be posted on the mailing list of the TSDS.


Requirements for the Sunday Swing:

Everyone who wants to learn the Lindyhop can join us.  No reservation is required.



Check out the Swing Calendar above using google calendar system and get where the venue is.


When the venue is Seta Chiku Kaikan:

@@In the first basement, Seta Chiku Kaikan, 4-18-11, Seta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

If this is your first time to come, taking a taxi from the nearest stations is strongly recommended.

English Google Map to the site.

About 15 minutesf walk from Yoga station or Futako-Tamagawa station of Tokyufs Denen-Toshi line which is connected from Shibuya station (Z01, F16, G01).  See also websites of Tokyu and Tokyo Metro regarding route maps of rail companies.


When the venue is NOT Seta Chiku Kaikan:

Click the address of the venue, then can get the google map.


Dance shoes or sneakers:

They are very important to improve your dancing skills.


2,000 yen per person per *DAY* except special workshops or privates.  A big note such as 10,000 yen is not acceptable.  Same price to watch the classes.

Dance Partner:

You DO NOT need to bring your partner.

Video Recording:

 No video cameras are allowed "during" the classes. 


Strongly recommended to prepare for your own.  There are no beverage vending machines near the site.


TSDS recommends that gentlemen use deodorant before dancing.

Dance Wear:

You should have extra sports wear in order not to catch a cold.


No shower available.

Car Parking:

A big car park is available at Tamagawa Hospital near Seta Chiku Kaikan.


Latest updates or related important information will be posted to the TSDS mailing lists.  So, you should subscribe to them.  See http://www.impetus.ne.jp/tsds_ml.html for more information.


English and Japanese




Private Lesson:

Private lesson improves your dance skills very efficiently.  TSDSf private lesson is available on your requests with reasonable cost at clean Studio Necola, TSDSf swing dance studio.  Please email to swing@impetus.ne.jp for the details.


Lesson fee





There is a discount if you are taking Swing Sundays, TSDSf Sunday classes.

Lesson fee of a couple (one leader and one follower) is the same price totally.

Directions to Studio Necola: http://www.impetus.ne.jp/Necola.html



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