Message from Judy Pritchett to the Japanese donors

Tokyo Swing Dance Society


Dear Hiro, 

Please tell the Japanese donors that we are very delighted and grateful for
their donations for Frankie Manning's headstone. Frankie enjoyed very much
teaching and celebrating his birthday (ten years ago!) in Tokyo. I know he
would be pleased to see how Lindy Hop has spread to other parts of Japan as

Next Wednesday, May 26, will be Frankie's birthday. It is 96 years since his
birth. I hope that the monument will be a wonderful present for him. The best
part is knowing how many people, like yourselves, participated to make it

Thank you very much. 

Best wishes, 

May 15th, 2010

Judy Pritchett


The Japanese doners are listed on the following page.
Franki Manning's Headstone in NY