5/11 Shinjuku Spring Jazz Festival 新宿春の楽しいジャズ祭り 2019

Shinjuku Spring Jazz Festival is the best and biggest jazz festival in Tokyo for swing dancers. There are lots of jazz live performances by several hundred jazz musicians playing traditional jazz, New Orleans jazz, swing, blues, soul, R&B, jump, jive, hot jazz, straight jazz and gospel.  Lindyhoppers will be welcome as registered swing dancers of the Tokyo Swing Dance Society freely.  Those dancers will mainly gather at Tenji-shitsu, one of 14 rooms in the venue, and have social swing dancing to nice and hot jazz bands there. Read this document carefully, sign-up in advance and come to the right place at right time written below to get your real pass on the festival day. The registered dancers don’t have any obligation such as a dance performance. Just enjoy dancing there. Unless you sign up, just buy your ticket at the door to enter the venue.


11:00 am – 19:45 pm, May 11th, 2019
at Shinjuku Bunka Center 新宿文化センター

Here こちら

6-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Direction   最寄り駅   Shinjuku Bunka Center 新宿文化センター

Organizer 主催:「新宿春の楽しいジャズ祭り」実行委員会、公益財団法人新宿未来創造財団

Flyer of the festival:  Here フライヤーはこちら
Its timetable including all the 14 rooms in the venue: Here タイムテーブルはこちら

Subscribe to the mailing list of the TSDS to know the latest information of the festival please.
Facebook event of information for swing dancers

How to sign up this jazz festival as TSDS swing dancers:
本ジャズフェスティバルの Swing Dancer の登録の方法

If you are okay to purchase your ticket (Y3,500) at the door, you don’t need to read the following documents at all. Just come to the festival, buy your ticket at the door and enjoy swing-dancing to the wonderful jazz bands at this best jazz festival in Tokyo.  If you want to get a free invitation to the festival as a TSDS swing dancer, read the document carefully and follow them.

(1) To begin with, subscribe to the mailing list of the Tokyo Swing Dance Society & Swing Cats Tokyo where swing dancers can receive how to get invited freely to the jazz festival and its latest information.

(2) Secondary, show up at Tokyo Swing Nights held every Wednesday, Ikebukuro Swing Nights or TSDS’ classes/workshops and sign it up there.

(3) You have to come to the place on time written on this page on the day of the festival to get your TSDS swing-dancer’s pass, otherwise buy your ticket to enter the site.

If you are a short-staying international traveller, a swing dancer and have no time to do (2), you are able to sign up from the Internet written later on this page.

There are 14 rooms.  Where should I go?  Where can I dance?  Which band is nice to dance?
Where and when should I show up to get my free pass? 

The following PDF is Hiro’s personal suggestion and English descriptions for swing dancers who don’t know which room they should visit and/or who don’t speak Japanese.  It also includes our rendezvous for getting dancers’ pass to enter the venue.  


スウィングダンス会場となる地下一階の展示室には、例年、Lindyhoppers を踊らせる実力のあるスウィングバンドが集結します。特に、古川奈都子ソウルフードカフェと小林創オルガンジャムは当日のハイライトになると思いますのでお見逃しなく。






次の時刻の中からいずれかをお選びください。これを逃した場合は会場入り口の一般受付で当日券を購入して入場されるか、次の集合時刻までお待ちください。なお、時刻の変更の可能性もありますので、直前に再度ご確認ください。これに関する最重要情報が流れるTSDS mailing list に必ず登録願います。Facebook は、group の Tokyo Swing Dance Society / Swing Cats Tokyo に事前に参加申請願います(FBの group はその仕様上、 closed であり、openにできません)。

11:00-11:10 の 10 minuets
11:50-12:00 の 10 minuets
12:40-12:45 の 5 minuets
13:25-13:30 の 5 minuets
14:20-14:30 の 10 minuets 
15:40-15:45 pm の 5 minuets
16:25-16:30 pm の 5 minuets
18:00-18:10 pm の 10 minuets


Rendezvous for TSDS registered swing dancers are listed above.

If you are a registered swing dancer in advance for this event, show up at the entrance and look for TSDS’ LOGO.  When you missed the rendezvous, please buy your ticket at the door to enter the site.



If you are a short-staying international traveller arriving in Tokyo just before this jazz festival and have no time to signup the festival as a free swing dancer at Tokyo Swing Nights or TSDS’ classes, you can signup through the form below.  

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Your mail address (req.)

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What your nationality and where are you coming from? (req.)

When did you start swing dancing? (req.)

How often do you go dancing a week in your town? (req.)

When did (or will) you arrive in Tokyo this time?(req.)

Put a checkmark if it is true for you please.

You can write any other message here too if you have.