Swing Dances with Anna & Gerard (Barcelona, Spain)





Anna & Gerard

from Barcelona, Spain

欧州でも特にスウィングダンスの盛り上がりが激しいスペイン・バルセロナからから素敵な伸び盛りのペア、Anna & Gerard を迎えて、スウィングパーティーを開催いたします。どうぞお見逃しなく! 
Don’t miss these special dances with Anna and Gerard, wonderful lindyhop instructors from Barcelona.  Yuka Deguchi and Her Jive At Five featuring super pianist YANCY is gonna play for the dance on July 8th in Omotesando!  Never miss them!   

Yuka Deguchi and Her Jive At Five
出口優日 Jive At Five 

July 8th at Kyozon, Omotesando 7/8 共存、表参道

ピアノ、ドラムス、ベースのリズム隊に東京のスーパージャズミュージシャン達を配した出口優日Jive At Five スペシャルエディション。そうです、ピアノにヤンシーの登場です!どうぞご期待ください。

Yuka Deguchi (band leader, vocals) 出口優日
Makoto Ueno (tenner saxophone) 上野まこと
YANCY (piano) ヤンシー
Yoshiharu Hirabayashi (drums) 平林義晴
Masato Kobayashi (double bass) 小林真人


July 1 Sunday 7/1 日曜

Swing Dance Party (DJ,18:30-21:30)
open to anyone

July 8 Sunday 7/8 日曜

Swing Dance Party(Special Tokyo Swing Night) with a NICE live swing band in Tokyo!
Band: Yuka Deguchi and Her Jive At Five 出口優日 Jive At Five
open to anyone

1900 the door opens
1930-2020 1st set
2050-2140 2nd set

VENUES 会場   Revision 1.1

* 会場は変更される場合もありますので、直前に再度ご確認ください。
* Following venues are subject to change.  Reload this page and check out the lates changes please.
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July 1 Sunday 7/1 日曜

瀬田地区会館 地下大会議室
Basement Floor at Seta Chiku Kaikan

July 8 Sunday 7/8 日曜

Kyozon & Tokyo Salon at Omotesando
Basement floor at Las Chicas 

PRICE LIST (Rev.2.1)

SWING DANCES スウィングダンスパーティ

 Sunday July 1st, DJ  7月1日(日曜)

0 円 6/30と7/1 の2日間のワークショップを受けた方
500 円 7/1 のワークショップを受けた方
1,000 円  パーティだけの参加で前日までに予約された場合
1,500円 パーティだけの参加で予約がない場合

0 Yen, If you took both of the workshops on June 30th and July 1st
500 Yen, If you took the workshops on July 1st
1,000 Yen with reservation by June 30th.
1,500 Yen without reservation
Pay in cash at the door please.

Sunday July 8th, Special Tokyo Swing Night with a live band (one drink ticket included)

2,500 円 7/7 と 7/8の2日間のワークショップを受けた方
3,000 円 7/8 のワークショップを受けた方
3,500 円  パーティだけの参加で前日までに予約された場合
4,000 円 パーティだけの参加で予約がない場合

2,500 Yen, If you took the workshops both on July 7th and 8th.
3,000 Yen, If you took the workshops on July 8th.
3,500 Yen with reservation by June 30th.
4,000 Yen without reservation
Pay in cash at the door please.

If you want to join their dance workshops too, visit here.


SIGN-UP 申し込み

お申し込みは こちら、または上記プルダウンメニューからどうぞ。

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Anna Portell’s bio:

Anna is dancing swing since 2010 and she has been finalist in competitions such us:

  Barswingona (Strictly finalist with Gerard Nevot, JnJ 3rd place, Barcelona 2018)
  Lindyhoppers Delight (JnJ, Barcelona 2018)
  The Snowball (JnJ, Sweden 2017)
  Swinging Undermoon (JnJ Invitational, Valencia 2017)
  Zaraswing (winner in JnJ, Zaragoza 2017)
  Savoy Cup (Strictly Advanced finalist with Gerard Nevot, Montpellier 2017)
  Barcelona Lindy Exchange (2nd place in JnJ, Barcelona 2016)
  Move Your Bottom (JnJ Advanced, Valencia 2016)
  Zaraswing (winner in JnJ, Zaragoza 2015)

Gerard Nevot’s bio:

Gerard has been finalist of the following competitions:

  Barswingona (Strictly finalist with Anna Portell, JnJ finalist, Barcelona 2018)
  Chase Festival (3d place in Mix&Match and Strictly, Heidelberg 2017)
  Smokey Feet (JnJ, Strictly and Solo Jazz, Amsterdam 2017)
  Savoy Cup (Strictly Advanced, Montpellier 2017)
  Gastroswing (winner in JnJ Pro, Vitoria 2016 y 2017)
  Lindy Shock (Invitational JnJ, Budapest 2016)
  Barswingona (JnJ Pro, Barcelona 2016)

Website of Anna & Gerard including their dancing videos.