TSDS Sunday class

If you want to learn the lindyhop in Tokyo, this is it!

This is a lindyhop dance class held in Tokyo every Sunday not only for beginners but also advanced and professional dancers.  It started just after Frankie Manning’s first lindyhop workshop in Tokyo in 1998.   History of lindyhop in Japan began from here.  If you want to learn this cool jazz dance in Tokyo, this is it.  See feedback from the students please.

  General Timetable

13:15 Door opens

13:30-14:30 Streching, jazz, turn & spin, basic stuff of the lindyhop

14:30-15:30 Main class of the lindyhop

15:30-16:00 Tea break

16:00-17:00 Challenging class

17:00-17:15  Follow-up, question and answer, practice and/or  social lindy

This will be subject to change. The changes will be posted on the mailinglist of the TSDS.

■  Venue

Basement floor of Setachiku Kaikan.   Visit here for the details.

This will be subject to change. The changes will be posted on the mailinglist of the TSDS.

■  Lesson fee

2,000 yen per person per DAY.  A big note such as 10,000 yen is not acceptable.  Same price to watch the classes.

■  The other information you might need

  • Reservation

Not required at all.  You can just join us.

  • Shoes

 Bring your dance shoes or sneakers to improve effectively please.

  • Dance partner

You DO NOT NEED to bring your dance partner.

  • Video recording

No video recording are allowed during the classes, but it is okay after or between them.

  • Water or beverages

Strongly recommended to prepare for your own.  There are no beverage vending machines near the site.

  • Clothes

You should have some extra clothes.

  • Shower

Not available

  • Latest information about changes or updates

You should subscribe to the mailinglist of the TSDS for them.

  • Languages in the class

Japanese and English

  • DeodorantIt is recommended that gentlemen use deodorant before dancing.
  • Inquiries

Visit here to email to the TSDS

  • Need private lesson?

Visit here.