All the TSDS classes including Sunday and the other days

About TSDS’ lindyhop classes including Sunday and the other days

There are many classes with TSDS as written in TSDS swing calendar.  Since two venues are usually used, you should check out the latest information in the calendar before actually you come.  You can learn the dance both in Japanese and English.  See feedback from the students please.  If you want to take a private lesson, it’s available from Monday through Saturday.

  General Timetable

See TSDS swing calendar.

■  Venues

Studio Necola.   Visit here.

Setachiku Kaikan.   Visit here.

Latest information will be posted on the mailinglist of the TSDS.

■  Lesson fee

See TSDS swing calendar.

■ Sign-up

Necola  classes:   Please send a mail using the following mail form from a week before and by a day before the class.

Sunday classes:   No reservation needed. Visit here for more information about the Sunday classes.

Your Name (required) お名前 (必須)

Your mail address (req.) メールアドレス (必須)
万一、ここを間違えられますと、TSDS から返信ができません。送信前に再度、ご確認ください。

Retype your mail address (req.) メールアドレス (再度)(必須)

Please write date of the class actually written in the TSDS swing calendar. それらのクラスがカレンダーに掲載されている日程をお書きください。

■  The other information

  • Shoes

 Bring your dance shoes or sneakers to improve dance skills effectively please.   If this is your first lindyhop lesson, any type of sneakers are okay.

  • Dance partner

You DO NOT NEED to bring your dance partner.

  • Video recording

No video recording are allowed during the classes, but it is okay after or between them.

  • Clothes

You should have some extra clothes to change.

  • Shower


  • Latest information about changes or updates

You should subscribe to the mailinglist of the TSDS for them.

  • Languages in the class

Japanese and English

  • DeodorantIt is recommended that gentlemen use deodorant before dancing.
  • Inquiries

Visit here to email to the TSDS

  • Need a private lesson?

Visit here.