生徒/参加者/ゲストの声 Feedback

Feedback from the world


By Michael Chew (Singapore)

October 2021

Chinese 中文:

很高兴在东京的TSDS和Hiro 老师一起学 lindy hop !这三年来,lindy hop 课不仅鼓励我学新的舞蹈,也让我在东京认识好朋友。 TSDS的老师和同学都非常友善,对lindy hop 充满热情。

 Hiro老师是个很耐心的老师,教导有方。 了解舞蹈的身法和步法提高了我的舞蹈水平。课程模式相当轻松,除了练习新的编舞,学生们也随时能请教Hiro老师。

我一定会继续学lindy hop,希望不久后又能回到东京和TSDS的朋友一起跳舞!

Michael Chew

By Michael Chew (Singapore)

October 2021


It was a great experience learning lindyhop with Hiro sensei at TSDS! During my three year stay in Japan, lindyhop classes were not only a time to learn to dance, but also to make amazing friendships. There’s a very tight knit community, which added to the overall lindyhop journey.

Hiro-sensei’s classes were always enjoyable and I really appreciated his attention to detail. Understanding the body mechanics behind lindyhop moves helped me improve my dancing, and the free form structure of the classes meant that students were able to ask for help/advice on aspects of their dancing that they wanted to improve.  

I will definitely be continuing lindyhop and hope to be able to return to Tokyo one day to see all my friends again!

Michael Chew

By Michael Chew (Singapore)

October 2021

Japanese 日本語:

TSDS で Lindyhop を習ったことは、私の人生の素晴らしい経験でした! 日本に滞在した三年間、単にこのダンスを習ったというだけでなく、多くの貴重な友人を得ることができました。堅い絆で結ばれたコミュニティが Lindyhop をより楽しいものにしてくれました。

TSDS のクラスはいつも楽しい一方、細かいところまでも目がよく行き届いていて、ダンスの本質を学ぶことが出来ました。Lindyhop の背景にある身体のメカニズムを理解することは、上達の秘訣でした。TSDSのクラスは、ある決まったステップを順番に教えていくというスタイルとは全く異なり、内容と構成にとても自由度がありました。そして生徒自身がまさに知りたいと思う超重要ポイントを、活発な議論を通して着実に習得することが出来ました。

Lindyhop はこれからも絶対続けていきますし、いつかまた東京に戻って皆様とお会いし踊りたいです!

Michael Chew

By Antoine Brisseau (France)

March 2021


Tokyo Swing Dance Society, merci beaucoup de m’avoir enseigné le lindyhop à Tokyo.

Je suis venu sans rien y connaître et je rentre en France avec une nouvelle passion et des nouveaux amis. J’ai beaucoup apprécié votre façon de transmettre à travers le ressenti plus que par la théorie. Cela permet de prendre plaisir à danser quel que soit l’expérience du danseur. 

Peu importe où j’irai je continuerai de danser et même plus, je voyagerai pour aller danser le lindyhop.

Je reviendrai au Japon et je ne manquerai pas de venir apprendre à vos côtés! À bientôt!

– Antoine

By Antoine Brisseau (France)

March 2021


Tokyo Swing Dance Society, thank you very much for teaching me how to dance the lindyhop while I was in Tokyo.

I came knowing nothing about it and I go back to France with a new passion and new friends. I really enjoyed your way of teaching by feeling the dance over focusing on theory. I think it helps people enjoy it no matter which level they’re at.

From now on, wherever I go I will continue to dance lindyhop and even better I will travel to go dancing.

I will definitely come back to Japan and I will not miss the opportunity to dance and learn by your side! See you soon!

– Antoine

By Antoine Brisseau (フランス)

March 2021

Japanese 日本語:







By Seweryn Stawiarski (Poland)

March 2020

I found out about TSDS by accident. It was few weeks after I came to Tokyo and I got lost in metro. When I was trying to understand something on information board, an English man with big bow tie approached me and asked if I need help. He looked like someone taken out from old black and white movie from fifties. And it was center of Tokyo in 2019 so the scene was rather unusual. Anyway, this nice gentleman  turned out to be very friendly person. He told me a lot about his life in Japan but for this text crucial thing is that at some point he asked me:

“Do you have any friends in Tokyo?”

“No. Not yet.”

“Then you need to check out Tokyo Swing Dance Society!”

And this is how it’s started. By absolutely improbable meeting in unlikely place. This is how life works sometimes.

TSDS is a place where you can meet people with great passion. This passion connects people in different age, with different professions, characters and interests. But here all of this doesn’t matter. Everyone forgets about differences and for few hours we are just trying to learn something that is fun to do. For few hours life becomes easier. For few hours crazy fast life in Tokyo can be controlled by simple rhythm. Rock, step, triple step, step, step, triple step…

Teachers are really great personalities, it’s impossible not to like them from first second. And the most important thing is that they love this dance and swing music and they love to teach it to others. Which makes whole experience even better, especially when you will notice first progress.

Sunday classes quickly become thing that I was waiting for every week during my year in Japan. So if you are reading this text and you are thinking about checking out this event, you probably already know the answer but I will say it just to be sure.  Just do it! And let’s meet one day on dancefloor.

– Seweryn

By セヴェリン・スタヴィァルスキー(ポーランド)Seweryn Stawiarski (Poland)


TSDS との遭遇は全くの偶然でした。母国ポーランドから東京に来て数週間が経った頃、地下鉄でちょっと道に迷ってしまいました。すると大きな蝶ネクタイをした年配の英国人が「何かお困りですか?」と声をかけてくれました。彼はまるで昔の白黒映画から飛び出してきたような感じでした。でも、そこは2019年の東京のど真ん中ですから、なんとも不思議な気分でした。この紳士は大変親切で、彼の長年にわたる日本での生活や体験を私に話してくださいました。でもここで決定的に重要だったことは、彼が私に聞いた一つの事柄でした。



TSDS は熱いパッションを持った人たちが集う場所でした。このパッションは、様々な年代、職業、性格や趣味・興味の人々を取り込んでいきます。でも重要なのはそこではなく、TSDSでの何時間かのレッスンの間、それらの違いを一切忘れてこの楽しいダンスを習おうとしている事でした。すると、それまでとてつも無く速いスピードで物事が進んでいた大都市東京の生活が、この僅か数時間の体験で突然、あの123&4の簡単なリズムで進んでいるように思えてくるのです。




– セヴェリン

By Seweryn Stawiarski (Poland)

Marzec 2020

Dowiedziałem się o TSDS przypadkiem. Było to kilka tygodni po moim przybyciu do Japonii, kiedy zgubiłem się w Tokijskim metrze. Gdy z niewyraźną miną próbowałem odczytać wyświetlane na tablicy informacje, podszedł do mnie starszy anglik z wielką muchą zawiązaną pod szyją i zapytał czy potrzebuję pomocy. Wierzcie lub nie ale wyglądał jak ktoś wyjęty z filmu z lat pięćdziesiątych. A było to w centrum Tokio w 2019 roku więc scena od razy wydała mi się raczej niezwykła. W każdym razie, okazał się niezwykle przyjazną osobą. Opowiedział mi wiele o swoim życiu w Japonii ale dla tej historii najważniejsze, że w pewnym momencie zadał mi pytanie:

– Czy masz przyjaciół w Tokio.
– Nie. Jeszcze nie.
–Więc pora wypróbować Tokyo Swing Dance Society!

Tak to wszystko się zaczęło. Poprzez jedno niespodziewane spotkanie w mało prawdopodobnym miejscu. W życiu tak czasami bywa.
TSDS to miejsce gdzie można spotkać osoby z wielką pasją. Ta pasja łączy ludzi w różnym wieku, różnych profesji, charakterów i zainteresowań. Ale tutaj to nie ma znaczenia. Wszyscy zapominają o różnicach i po prostu próbują nauczyć się czegoś co sprawia im radość. Na kilka godzin życie staje się prostsze. Na kilka godzin zwariowane i szybkie życie w Tokio można kontrolować przy pomocy prostego rytmu. Step, step, triple step, step, step, triple step…
Nauczyciele to naprawdę wspaniałe osobowości, niemożliwym jest by od razu ich nie polubić. Ale najważniejszą sprawą jest fakt, że kochają ten taniec i kochają uczyć go innych. Co sprawia, że całe doświadczenie jest jeszcze lepsze, szczególnie gdy zauważysz pierwsze postępy.
Niedzielne zajęcia szybko stały się dla mnie czymś na co czekałem każdego tygodnia podczas mojego rocznego pobytu w Japonii. Jeśli więc czytasz ten tekst i myślisz o wypróbowaniu tych zajęć, prawdopodobnie już zdecydowałeś ale powiem to dla pewności. Po prostu to zrób! I spotkajmy się pewnego dnia na parkiecie.

– Seweryn

By Shion Kumai (Berlin, Germany)

June 2019

Während eines 4-monatigen Aufenthalts habe ich angefangen Swing-Dance bei Hiro-San zu lernen. Ich habe sowohl die Anfängerkurse und Sonntagsworkshops besucht als auch an den Social nights teilgenommen. Alle Formate haben sehr viel Spaß gemacht und bilden ein tolles Gesamtkonzept.

Der Vorteil bei TSDS ist, dass sehr viele Unterrichtstermine angeboten werden. Da die Klassen teilweise sehr klein sind, ist ein intensiver Unterricht möglich. Hiro-San ist nicht nur sehr nett, sondern auch ein fantastischer Lehrer. Neben seiner hervorragenden fachlichen Kompetenz besitzt er die Fähigkeit sich auf jede einzelne Person und ihre Bedarfe einzulassen. Wer also Lust hat auf einen intensiven Unterricht mit viel Freude, ist bei Hiro-San an der richtigen Adresse. Seine aufbauende und ermutigende Art führt dazu, dass man innerhalb von kürzester Zeit schnell Fortschritte macht.

Ansonsten ist die Atmosphäre bei TSDS super herzlich. Wer neu ist in Tokyo und noch nicht so viele Leute kennt, wird hier garantiert interessante und nett Leute kennenlernen

– Shi On

By Jo Hoffberg (Berlin and San Francisco)

June 2019

Feedback from Mandi & Geoff about Swingout Tokyo 2019

Feedback from Mandi & Geoff about Natsuko Furukawa Swing Orchestra at Tokyo Swing Ball 2019

Tokyo Swing Ball 2019

At the Blue Mood on March 17th

Feedback from Lennart & Sing about Swingout Tokyo 2019

By Lennart Westerlund (Sweden)

March 2019

To Mister Hiro, also known as Mister Lindy Hop Japan…

I dont know exactly when this message will be sent to you. Sing has promised me with your electric address, and as soon as she does, this message will be in your mail box.

I have safely arrived at the Narita Airport, the time is 17:59, and I have found myself a spot in the check-in area. The bus ride was very nice and totally peaceful. I had time to look out the window, but also to reflect on my/our visit to Tokyo. In short words, it was an overwhelming experience, far beyond my expectations. The general Japanese culture impressed me a lot – in fact, I have never before experienced something comparable. From the beginning to the very end, it was an impressive performance on so many levels and all the time: the service, the attitude, the politeness, the everything…

On top of the above, and on a personal everyday level, both me and Sing experienced an exceptional level of generosity and hospitality. What can I write about this? I truly dont know, since that impression wan into everything, from early morning until late at night. For all this I can only express my gratefulness — THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!  Our Tokyo visit will for a very looong time remain as a first class experience.

With my very best regards from Narita Airport and Stockholm, Sweden.

– Lennart

By Lennart Westerlund (Sweden)

March 2019

To Mr. Hiro, also known as Mister Lindy Hop Japan…

このメッセージがいつあなたの手元に届くのかまだわかりませんが、(シンガポールの)シンがあなたのEmail アドレスを教えてくれることになっているので、そうなり次第、あなたのメールボックスに届くことになるかと思います。




今回の東京訪問は、我々の極上の経験として、記憶に 長~~~く長く残ることでしょう。

With my very best regards
成田空港 および ストックホルムより

– Lennart(レナート・ヴェスタールンド)

By Kasia Bryx (Poland)

February 2019

私はこれまで、ダンスとは一生無縁だろうと思っていたのですが、日本に滞在中、ある友人が紹介してくれたことがきっかけで、昨年(2018年)の4月に初めて、TSDSの日曜日のダンスクラスに参加しました。すると自分でも面白いくらいすっかり Lindyhop にハマってしまい、それ以後日本にいる間はずっと続けることになりました。



– Kasia(カーシャ)

In Polish

Na pierwszą lekcję w TSDS zaprosił mnie znajomy i chociaż zawsze wydawało mi się, że mam dwie lewe nogi zajęcia spodobały mi się do tego stopnia, że zaczęłam przychodzić na nie regularnie co tydzień.

Zarówno nauczyciele jak i uczestnicy są niesamowicie sympatyczni. Nawet osoby, które dopiero co dołączyły do grupy czują się od razu jej częścią i mogą bez skrępowania cieszyć się tańcem.

Niedzielne lekcje trwają od około dwunastej do czwartej po południu i są podzielone na trzy stopnie trudności. Instruktorzy uczą w bardzo prosty łatwy do zrozumienia sposób i nawet osoby takie jak ja, nie mające wcześniej styczności z tańcem mogą już po kilku miesiącach zadebiutować na parkiecie podczas potańcówek.

Zajęcia i potańcówki TSDS to jedne z moich najlepszych wspomnień mojego pobytu w Japonii. Dzięki nim polubiłam taniec, zyskałam nowy hobby oraz przyjaciół.

– Kasia

By Malgorzata Lampka & Robert Lew-Kiedrowski (Poland)

November, 2018

We were traveling with my fiancé for my friends wedding in Australia and we decided to visit Japan and it was the best decision 🙂

Because we were not able to attend any of Australians swing society events we decided to find something in Tokyo. And we did!

We were thrilled to learn that Tokyo has a wonderful swing society and during our visit there was a big jazz festival (*1) happening in town. It was simply amazing! Musicians from all over Japan came to play in Shinjuku district. On every corner of a street there was a band playing. There were lots of people just listening to the sound of jazz but also swing dancers enjoying outside dance to live music. There was even a dance of the roof on a building!

We were invited by Hiro to join an evening event of Tokyo Swing Dance Society and it was also a blast. It was a cosy event with live music in the house (*2)! We were really surprised cause we have never been to a house party with live music and with food and drinks. I was very impressed that Japanese leaders were so eager to ask for the dance so I can say with pleasure that I have danced with all the leaders that evening.

We had such a wonderful time in Japan and we are so happy we could discover Japanese swing community. It is amazing how dancing brings people together. Thank you Hiro and we hope to come back again!

– Gosia and Robert

(*1) Shinjuku Trad Jazz Festival
(*2) Necola Premium Swing (Night)

In Polish…

Razem z narzeczonym pojechaliśmy na ślub przyjaciela do Australii i postanowiliśmy zahaczyć również o Japonie I była to wspaniała decyzja 🙂

Ponieważ nie udało nam się zatańczyć w Australii, postanowiliśmy znaleźć jakieś taneczne wydarzenie w Tokio. I nam się udało!

Byliśmy zachwyceni faktem, że w Tokio prężnie działa społeczność swingowa oraz że w trakcie naszego pobytu odbędzie się duży festiwal jazzowy.(*1) To było cudowne!

Muzycy z całej Japonii przyjechali aby grać w dzielnicy Shinjuku. Na rogu każdej ulicy grał zespół jazzowy. Tłum ludzi nie tylko słuchał ich muzyki ale byli również tancerze, który mogli potańczyć do muzyki na żywo. Były nawet tańce na dachu budynku!

Zostaliśmy zaproszeni przez Hiro na wieczorną potańcówkę organizowaną przez Tokyo Swing Dance Society i to wydarzenie również było cudowne! Impreza była przytulna i odbywała się w domu, z muzyka na żywo.(*2)  Nigdy wcześniej nie byliśmy na domówce z muzyką na żywo i poczęstunkiem. Byłam pod dużym wrażeniem Japońskich liderów, którzy sami prosili do tańca i z przyjemnością mogę powiedzieć, ze zatańczyłam z wszystkimi partnerami tego wieczoru.

Nasz pobyt w Japonii był wspaniały I bardzo się cieszymy, że udało nam się odnaleźć lokalną społeczność swingową. To niesamowite jak tanieć łączy ludzi. Dziękujemy Ci Hiro i mamy nadzieję, że się jeszcze spotkamy!

– Gosia i Robert


In Japanese 日本語





私たちは日本で素晴らしい時間を過ごし、そして東京のスウィングダンスコミュニティを知ることができて、光栄です。こうやって人々を幸せの輪で繋げていくスウィングダンスは、なんと素晴らしいのでしょう! どうもありがとうございました。そしてまた日本に戻ってきたいと思います;)

– Gosia and Robert

By Clifford Hicks (The U.S.)

November, 2018

I spent four months in Japan, during the hottest summer that (so far) Japan has ever seen. Shortly after I arrived I realized that I knew very few people in Tokyo, and, on a whim, decided to try one of the TSDS swing classes. It was a resurrection of an old hobby: I had tried some swing classes during university, and occasionally for a while afterwards, but I did not persist and eventually forgot nearly everything. I am not naturally a dancer. On the dance floor my feet move as if they have only just been introduced to each other.

I truly enjoyed the Sunday classes, and am very happy that I have been able to revive this hobby. The swing community in Tokyo is a much smaller and friendlier crowd than the big beast that is the city of Tokyo itself. After trying for a long time, on 18 August I finally managed to execute a swing-out not during class but on an actual dance floor, and without my dance partner needing to lead. It was a euphoric moment. This is my main souvenir from Japan.

This has made me feel more at home in Dresden. I am grateful to the TSDS teachers for the lessons and the encouragement, and I look forward to seeing all of you again.

— Clifford

By Clifford Hicks (The U.S.)

November, 2018





— クリフォード

By Scott Means (Charleston, South Carolina, The U.S.)

October, 2018

I’m writing this on the plane from Tokyo, and I wanted to share how enjoyable Tokyo Swing Dance Society and Swing Cats Tokyo made my time in Japan.

I was there for a little over a month, and thanks to TSDS and SCT I was able to dance several times a week!  Between the great Swing Nights in Ikkebukuro and at the FAI Aoyama club and the thorough Sunday afternoon lessons (with tea break :),  I couldn’t have asked for better hosts or teachers than Hiro-san and Yuko-san!

I may have ‘chotto’ (few) Japanese, but on the dance floor we were all able to understand each other through the magic of Lindy Hop.  And the going away ‘yakitori’ dinner they organized last night was completely unforgettable — it even included a typhoon! 

Alligator(*) grows-my-moss!

— Scott

* A Japanese word ありがとう ‘Arigato’ means ‘thank you’ in English.   Even if you say ‘Alligator’ in English with a normal English pronunciation instead of ‘Arigato’ in Japanese, it will be still understandable in Japan.   Both sounds very similar for most Japanese. Why don’t you try it?!  

By Richard Hills (London, The United Kingdom)

August, 2018

It’s nearly a year since I was in Tokyo, but I still have so many fond memories of Hiro and everyone at Tokyo Swing Dance Society.
Hiro’s dance studio was my first encounter with swing dancing in Japan, and – oh boy – what an amazing first impression!  It was an indelibly positive experience. 
Thanks to Hiro-san, I was warmly welcomed into the close-knit Tokyo Swing Dance community.
In addition to the regular classes at his purpose-built dance studio overlooking Koishikawa Botanical Garden, Bunkyo-ku, he also has Sunday afternoon classes in Seta, Setagaya-ku.
Hiro’s teaching style combines extraordinary attention to detail with tremendous human warmth, humour and kindness.
I am truly grateful to Hiro and everyone I met and danced with at TSDS for making me feel so much part of their world, and I hope that I can offer them a similar welcome when they come to London.
– Richard

By Raphael Del Rey & Liudmila Lefremova (France & Ukraine)

August, 2017


私と妻のリュドミラが日本に来てからもうすぐ2年です。来日当初から、Tokyo Swing Dance Society & Tokyo Swing Nightsの皆様には大変よくしてもらいました。本当に感謝しています。このコミュニティーでの時間は、友達を作り仕事とも両立できる、実にに素晴らしいものでした。


最後にもう一度、どうも有難うございました。そして、“さようなら” 。


By Marc Ramos  (Barcelona, Spain)

August 15th, 2017

Mi nombre es Marc y bailo lindy hop en Barcelona. Antes de viajar a Japón este verano estuve buscando lugares donde bailar swing en Tokio. Me puse en contacto con Hiro Yamada, coordinador de la Tokio(Tokyo in English) Swing Dance Society (TSDS) y enseguida me recomendó asistir a su clase y a una fiesta durante mi semana de estancia en Japón.

La clase de swing que impartió Hiro en la capital nipona fue una experiencia enriquecedora. Me permitió ver en primera persona cómo se desarrolla en una ciudad con una cultura tan distinta a la mía una clase de swing, y me lo pasé muy bien. Además incluía, en el descanso de la misma, un pequeño aperitivo. Durante el receso pude hablar con ellos y me explicaron donde bailaban y un poco la historia de cómo nació todo. Las instalaciones de la clase eran buenas y repasó desde los pasos básicos, a distintos tiempos y pasos intermedios. La clase depende siempre del nivel de los alumnos.

Ya me avisaron de que no sería una fiesta cualquiera,era una ocasión especial. Consiguieron juntar a unos músicos estupendos, trompetista, saxòfon, bateria, teclado y a una cantante. Además, antes del concierto nos juntamos todos para comer tapas de diversos tipos, quesos, ensalada búlgara, y luego arroz con curry thai de tres sabores! Un manjar. Además tenían vino español de muy buen sabor, no es que sea experto, pero todo estaba delicioso.

La fiesta se llevó a cabo en el piso inferior, los músicos tocaron temas clásicos de jazz y swing y bailamos lindy hop a su son. Me lo pasé muy bien. Los músicos eran realmente buenos y el sonido me hizo bailar y vibrar con mucha alegría. No pensé encontrar una fiesta así, pero gracias a la generosa invitación de Hiro pude disfrutar como nunca en Tokio del swing. Una experiencia inolvidable.


By Duncan Echelson (The United States of America)

February 15th, 2015

Hiro Yamada is my Lindy Hop teacher and that is very fortunate for me.  He is that rare combination of talented dancer and teacher who is able to instruct with great skill, patience and keen powers of observation. He provides precise advice tailored for each of his students.

For the past three and a half months, I have been studying and practicing Lindy hop in Hiro and Yuko’s group lessons on Sunday afternoons and taking private lessons with Hiro. The combination of group lessons and private lessons has been working quite well.

In the group lessons, you learn the outlines of dance steps and can practice with a variety of partners. In the private lessons, Hiro helps you understand the routines with greater precision. Moreover, in the private lessons, each routine is practiced repeatedly under his watchful eye and corrected gently, but firmly.  Of course, you are able to ask questions and receive clear answers. Hiro speaks English very well.

Let me explain that I started studying Lindy Hop at a rather advanced age (70 years old) and have many bad dance habits from decades of ‘just doin it.’ In addition, I rather stubbornly demand to go at my own turtle’s pace. Hiro has the patience and good nature to work successfully with someone like me.

When I return to Texas, I will continue my dance studies with other teachers while looking forward to my return to Japan to study more with Hiro. I will also be looking forward to returning to the group lessons where the graceful and knowledgeable Yuko Kato teaches with Hiro and so many wonderful students practice.  All in the group are very accepting and helpful.

The private lessons take place at Hiro’s Necola dance studio which has an excellent dance floor and large mirrors. It is conveniently located in the center of Tokyo within easy walking distance of two subway stations. The studio is located right across the street from a wonderful large garden with a rich history.

Without hesitation, I recommend Hiro Yamada’s group and private lessons to anyone who wants to study the fun and dynamic Lindy Hop.

If you have any questions or concerns, you have my permission to ask Hiro for my contact information.

P.S. Hiro and Yuko also organize great dance parties.


By Kemper Talley (The United States of America)

April 21st, 2012

When I found out that I would be traveling to Tokyo for a business trip, I also looked into the swing dancing I could do there. I talked to several people back in the states, and they told me that there was a scene in Tokyo. I looked up the TSDS in advance and e-mailed Hiro about the dancing. He responded with a very welcoming e-mail and provided all of the details I needed! 

It took me quite a while to find the place, but when I arrived at the swing dance lesson on Sunday I was greeted warmly. Everyone was warming up already since I had arrived late, but almost everyone stopped to talk to me; it was great! After warming up, Hiro proceeded to lead the lesson off with basic movement. I thought it was going to be very easy and just practicing footwork. Little did I realize that the concept of basic movement I had was very different from Hiro’s and everyone else in the room! It was hard work to move my body in the precise ways that the lesson demanded. This really stretched my understanding of what it meant to be a dancer rather than just someone who was pulling off moves.

The technique work that was the focus of the first 45 minutes of the lesson was by far the most challenging technique work I had ever done. I learned a lot from it, and I have taken it back to my scene in Knoxville, Tennessee in the USA. Everyone I have talked to about the lessons have also talked about how much the basic movement helps their dancing. The focus on my basic movement so that everything else I do in my dancing becomes more controlled and precise was taught by Hiro really well, and it will probably shape my dancing for the rest of my life.

The next lessons were about Lindy hop, and while I felt they were easier, I still learned many things and enjoyed the lesson! I had to focus on putting what I had just learned about basic movement, frame, and weight shifts into my dancing. I didn’t realize how much of my dancing was affected by these things until it was pointed out. 

I really enjoyed the private lesson as well. Yuko and Hiro both worked on correcting my posture and movement so that things felt more natural. This was especially true of the swing out. I learned a lot about stretching out and presenting the moves, not just leading them. The positions of my feet on the floor and how the connection was communicated through my arms were some areas that I needed help on, and both Hiro and Yuko were very helpful! While the moves I was working on were basic, getting the right technique down was vital to making everything look and feel better!

After the public and private lessons, I had planned to go to Kyoto. Hiro offered to take me to the Tokyo train station! The three of us: Yuko, Hiro, and myself; went to the station and a restaurant! It was really nice to have someone explain a lot of the dishes to me and help me try so many different things! The hospitality of Hiro and Yuko was wonderful!

When I came back to Tokyo from Kyoto, I went to the Wednesday night dance. It took me a little while to find as well, but it was a wonderful venue! I really enjoyed dancing with the people in Tokyo. Everyone was very kind and a lot of fun to dance with! I was happy to be able to use what I had learned in the lessons and to continue working on everything. I won’t ever forget my time with the TSDS in Tokyo. I had so much fun and learned so much. It made me even more passionate about swing dancing, and I have been able to take what I have learned and pass it on to others!

I hope to come back to Japan in the coming years, and I especially look forward to coming back to the TSDS, the wonderful people, Hiro, Yuko, and all of the great dancing!


By Murrough OBrien (The United Kingdom)

April 29th, 2010

I came to Japan for 3-month visit to deepen my practice of Japanese martial arts, but I also felt the need to start dancing, as this is something I – as a rule – don’t do. I found the TSDS website quite by chance and, having been curious to try swing in the past, I thought I would go along and give it a go, with promises of ‘English spoken’.

I came to a class in a nicely sized studio, and was warmly received. I found Hiro-san to be an incredibly good teacher. I had no prior knowledge of dance teachers, but he has incredible body control and is very energetic, helpful and generous with his knowledge and experience. Personally, having a background in martial arts, but also having postural trouble following an accident, I found his technical direction helped me address the issue and become more acutely aware of how I use my body/musculature/skeletal structure. And while this sounds all very intricate, the class was lots and lots of fun, too!

Yuko-san – who assists – is also very friendly and a great teacher in her own right. As swing is led by the man, it is quite hard to learn how to do anything without a patient partner. She was very patient and very helpful, and adept at ‘leading’ me to lead by being such an aware follow.  Both of them are very patient, but will put your posture and footwork right, to ensure good basics which will ultimately lead to good dancing. They work very well together as a team, and in the brief glimpses of them dancing together to demonstrate technique, you can see they share great communication and understanding.

I leave Japan next week, so no more of their class for me, but I will send people to TSDS classes from London, and I will definitely miss my Sunday afternoon pastime, and all the lovely members of the class.

Go! Swing out!