How to sign-up 申込み Necola Premium Swing


Sign-up here in advance and pay 5,000 Yen in cash at the door on July 15th please. This event will start at 13:00pm.

Your Name (required) お名前 (必須)

Your mail address (req.) メールアドレス (必須)

Rewrite your mail address once again please(req.) 再度、メールアドレスをお書きください (必須)

I (or we) would like to sign up the following dance(s).(req)  以下のイベントを予約します(該当する下のチェックボックスをクリックしてください。必須です)

Please write your message, if you are going to sing-up other people too such as your dance partner or friend. If you want to pay in PayPal in advance, write it here please.