All About Lisa, Tokyo, October 2018

ALL ABOUT LISA presented by TSDS & Swing Cats Tokyo


Enjoy lots of dance workshops and dances with Lisa Clarke from FRA/GBR.

世界でもっとも引っ張りだこの人気スウィングダンスインストラクター、Lisa Clarke が東京にまた戻ってきます。たくさんのワークショップと2つのダンスパーティを開催しますのでLisaの全てを観て、習って、一緒に踊って、存分にお楽しみください。

Details of the workshops:


以下のページの補足説明 Compliments:

Isolation: Body isolation ボディーアイソレーション:体のパーツの独立性を高めてダンスに活かす方法を学びます。
Twists: Twist-twist of Swing-Out in the Lindyhop: LisaのリンディのSwing-out におけるツイストは抜群のうまさがありますので、それを取り上げます。
Turns: Lisa の delayed turn は絶品です。これをじっくり学びます。
Rhythms: リズムの遊び方をとことん学びます。


r3.2 Workshop Schedule 2018


Directions to the venues: Click the links below please. 

Name of the venues (and name of the room)
会場名 (と部屋の名前)

アカデミー音羽(一階) Academy Otowa (first floor)
アカデミー文京(レクホール) Academy Bunkyo (Recreational Hall)
瀬田地区会館(地下大会議室) Seta Chiku Kaikan (basement floor)
fai aoyama
Only You



現金でお支払いの場合は、各Swing Nightsの会場と各クラスにてお申し込みください。
事前申し込み締め切り T.B.A.

If in cash, please pay at Swing Nights or TSDS dance classes.   If by credit card, PayPal or domestic band transfer, visit the sign-up form.
Dead line: to be announced


Lisa Clarke

Lisa is a professional dancer from London, now living in France. Classically trained from the age of 6 she discovered her love for all styles of dance whilst studying for her degree in Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre. After leaving college she worked professionally in the commercial dance world, specializing in hip-hop. She then discovered and fell in love with lindyhop and blues and has immersed herself in all things swing ever since. She has competed and placed in many competitions. Recently 3rd place in the pro showcase at ILHC.  Her fun natured teaching style, yet ability to breakdown a movement, means her classes are a perfect mix for those wanting to progress their dancing.

She is passionate about sharing her experiences and helping others to achieve their goals.


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