Venue 会場 Setachiku Kaikan 瀬田地区会館

東京都世田谷区瀬田 4-18-11 瀬田地区会館B1

Basement floor, Setachiku-Kaikan

4-18-11, Seta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

The TSDS Sunday Classe takes place at Seta Chiku Kaiakn in general, but you should check out TSDS Swing Calendar before you come.  Change of venues might happen a couple of times a year.
場所は変更される場合もありますので直前に再度、TSDS Swing Calendar でご確認ください。





The first basement floor of Seta Chiku Kaikan, 4-18-11, Seta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

If this is your first time to come, taking a taxi from one of the stations below is a good idea.

About 15 minutes’ walk from Yoga station (Tokyu’s Denen-Toshi line DT06or Futako-Tamagawa station (Tokyu’s Denen-Toshi line DT07 or Ooimachi line OM15). 

Tokyu’s Denen-Toshi line is connected from Shibuya station.