How to sign-up for PayPal payment: Swingout Tokyo 2019

こちらは Swingout Tokyo 2019 のチケットタイプの C と D に関して PayPal で事前にお支払いされる方のみの、申込フォームです。
なお、Cと D も含めて全種類 (A,B,C & D) のチケットは事前予約不要の当日券でお楽しみいただけます。

This page is for signing up Swingout Tokyo 2019 only when you want to purchase type C or D in PayPal in advance.
If you pay at the door, no signing up is needed at all including these C and D .

Your Name (required) お名前 (必須)

Your mail address (req.) メールアドレス (必須)

Rewrite your mail address once again please(req.) 再度、メールアドレスをお書きください (必須)

I (or we) would like to sign up the following ticket and pay them in PayPal in advance. Please reply to me about an email address to pay it.

Please write your message, if you are going to sing-up other people too such as your dance partner or friend(s). You have to finish your transaction before the deadline written on the TSDS website.