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Tokyo Swing Dance Society has put together a dream team of swing dance leaders for Swingout Tokyo 2019. Lennart Westerlund, Sing Lim, and Mandi Gould have been making major contributions to the international Lindy hop scene for decades. They bring a wealth of talent, experience, and wisdom to the table in all areas from teaching, to performing, to producing events, to the history of swing dance. Not to mention, they are three of the most charming, funny, and lovely people in our dance world. You do NOT want to miss this. You DO want to spend as much time as you can with this delightful trio. And Hiro of the TSDS, along with Yuko Kato of Swing Cats Tokyo, does the most marvelous job of producing absolutely wonderful events. This will be a gathering to cherish forever.

「今回のSwingout Tokyo 2019 において東京スウィングダンスソサエティ(TSDS) は、スウィングダンスの世界の指導者のドリームチームを編成しました。レナート、シン、マンディーの3人は、ここ数十年の世界のリンディホップシーンの中心的な貢献者たちです。ダンスの指導はもちろんのこと、ダンスパフォーマンス、ビッグダンスイベントの主催、スウィングダンスの歴史、といったスウィングダンスの全ての分野において、溢れる才能、長い経験、深い知識を持ち合わせています。そして言うまでもなく、彼らは皆、人間的に魅力的で、楽しく、親しみやすい人たちです。おそらくどなたでも、このイベントに参加して、この素晴らしい3人と時間の許す限り触れ合っていたいと思うに違いありません。そして TSDS と Swing Cats Tokyo は素晴らしいスウィングダンスイベントを開催する事に最も長けていますから、このイベントはずっと記憶に残るものになるはずです。」

   By Cynthia Millman シンシア・ミルマン
       Co-author of Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop
       Board member of Frankie Manning Foundation
  「Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop」 の共著者
  Frankie Manning Foundation 理事

Lennart Westerlund (Sweden)

レナート・ウェスタールンドは1983年にリンディホップの存在を知り、その後NYに飛び 1930年代のスーパーリンディホッパー、Al MinnsFrankie ManningNorma Millerからリンディホップを習い、彼らと交流を深めた。その後ヨーロッパのリンディホップシーンは、パイオニアの彼なくしては考えられない展開をたどる。

1985年、かってフランキーがチームリーダーを務めたThe Whitey’s Lindyhoppers を現代にリバイバルさせたThe Rhythm Hot Shots(現在は代替わりして Harlem Hot Shots)を率い、リンディホップシーンの最前線に躍り出る。1989年、世界最大のスウィングダンスキャンプ、Herräng Dance Campの主催者に就任、フランキーをリビングリジェンドとして招聘、国際的なスウィングダンスキャンプに初めてフランキーを招待した。

2004年、母国のストックホルムに自身のダンススタジオ Chicago Swing Dance Studio を 開き、後進を指導する一方、リンディホップを世界にリバイバルさせたパイオニア、リンディの伝道師、指導者として、現在も精力に世界を飛び回っている。


From Wikipedia about ‘Frankie Manning’


In 1982, Al Minns, a former member of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, started to teach Lindy Hop at the Sandra Cameron Dance Center, where he introduced a new generation of dancers to the Lindy Hop. Before he died in 1985, he told his students that Manning, another surviving member of Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, also lived in New York City.

In 1986, dancers Erin Stevens and Steven Mitchell contacted Manning and asked him to teach them the Lindy Hop. Manning at first declined, before finally agreeing to meet with them; he was skeptical that a much younger generation would really be interested in swing or Lindy. However, Mitchell and Stevens returned to California and helped to spread Lindy Hop to the West Coast and other areas of the U.S. Thus, the swing revival began. That same year, Lennart Westerlund contacted Manning and invited him to Sweden to work with The Rhythm Hot Shots. Manning traveled to Sweden in 1987 and returned there every year from 1989 onward to teach at the Herräng Dance Camp.

Lennart Westerlund started out dancing a Swedish form of American Jitterbug in the very early 1980s. In 1983 he came across the Lindy Hop through books and old film clips, and in May the following year he travelled to New York on the look-out for the roots of the dance form. He soon met, studied and started to spend time with old-timers including Al Minns, Frankie Manning and Norma Miller. In 1985 he co-formed the semi-professional and later on highly recognized Swedish dance company The Rhythm Hot Shots (now Harlem Hot Shots), and started to seriously study also tap and vernacular jazz dancing in general. A few years, later the company was in the forefront of the first steps of the revival of the Lindy Hop, and in 1989 they took over the complete administration of the Herräng Dance Camp, and invited legendary swing dancer Frankie Manning to visit his first major international swing dance camp.

When The Rhythm Hot Shots started to receive some serious international recognition during the early 90s, Lennart was one of the key dancers. The company travelled extensively throughout the decade, and was among a handful of other dancers seriously leading the way to put the Lindy Hop back on the map again. At the time, Lennart also established himself as an international instructor, as well as an administrator and background worker at especially the Herräng Dance Camp. In 2004 he opened Chicago Swing Dance Studio in Stockholm, and in 2010, after 25 years, he left the professional performance aspect of the dance, now focusing more on teaching, giving lectures and perform dance demonstrations.

 Lennart is today still a most active dancer, instructor, lecturer, judge and administrator. He divides his time between the Herräng Dance Camp, the Chicago swing dance studio, and traveling around teaching and giving lectures. After some 35 revival and renaissance years of the Lindy Hop, Lennart is one of very few of the pioneers that are still active in the scene. His background and dedicated interest in the Harlem roots of vernacular jazz dancing has positioned him as an important link between the past and the present.

Sing Lim (Singapore)

シンガポール人のシン・リムは1985年から10年以上ロンドンに住んでいたが、1988年にスーパーリンディホッパーのライアン・フランソワと出会い、US Open や ALHC など世界のスウィングダンス界の頂点に立った。その後、自国に戻り、フランキーをはじめとして世界のリンディのリジェンドたちをシンガポールに招聘。特にフランキーに関しては 1998年2月の初来シンガポールから数えて全部で9回におよんだ。1998年3月のフランキーのLindyhop インストラクターとしての初来日の際も自費で東京に駆けつけてフランキーのティーチングパートナーを務めたばかりでなく、そもそも彼女がフランキーのマネージャー&伴侶の Judy Pritchett (桜と一緒の写真) に重要な情報提供をしたことにより、フランキーの来日が決定した経緯がある。東京のスウィングダンスシーンは1998年のTSDSによるこのフランキーの招聘から始まったが、シンの陰日向のサポートがなければ実現していなかったかもしれない。左(PCの場合)に貼ってある彼女のスーパーダンスをご覧あれ。今から25年も前の1994年ののものであり、しかも画質が恐ろしく悪いけれど、そのダンスの切れ味は半端ではないのがよくわかる映像。


太陽が輝くシンガポールからご挨拶させていただきます。今回、伝説のHerrang Dance Camp を率いたレナートやFrankie Manning Foundation のマンディーとともに東京でワークショップを開催できることをとても喜んでおります。私はシンガポールにフランキーを9回招聘しましたが、TSDSはいつでもフランキーの価値とその精神をよく理解し広めている事に感謝しています。


Sing is dancing on this youtube video.  It’s a dance jam at Frankie Manning’s 80th Birthday in New York in 1994.  Enjoy her super dancing with also super dance partners.

1:51-2:25 with Ryan Francois in yellow
3:53-4:18 with Angela Andrew in green
7:17-7:39 with Ron Leslie
8:59-9:22 with Angela Andrew in green

Sing Lim found her lindyhop spirit when she met Ryan Francois in London in 1988. This soon developed into a serious hobby, competing and winning trophies in the US Open Swing Dance Championships and the American Lindy Hop Championships in 1992 & 1993 and running Jitterbugs London in Leicester Square every week.

 In 1995 Sing moved back home to Singapore and started a lindyhop scene called Jitterbugs Swingapore. Before long, several instructors including Frankie Manning, Chazz Young, Erin Stevens, Lennart Westerlund, Ewa “W” Burak, Minnies Moochers, visited to teach and perform.

Since then, Sing continues to play an active role in the community, on and off the dance floor. In 2014 she was one of the organizers of Frankie 100 in NYC and in Singapore, she heads a weekly team at Timbre Substation with a live swing band and classes. A mother of 3 kids, she still travels Asia and the world to share her interest in the roots and history of Lindy Hop, while finding time to compete and to coach performance groups like the Pineapple Tarts and the Swing Quarks. She teaches in Herrang Dance Camp for many years, not just for Lindy Hop, but also the Teachers Track.

She counts her influences as Frankie Manning, Chazz Young, Norma Miller and the pioneer dancers of the 1930s as well as the many strong amazing dancers like Angela Andrew and LaTasha Barnes.

Message from Sing to Tokyo

Hello from Sunny Singapore! I am so happy to come to Tokyo to teach with Lennart from the legendary Herrang Dance Camp and Mandi from the Frankie Manning Foundation! Thank you to Tokyo Swing Dance Society for always believing and promoting Frankie Manning values and spirit.

Mandi Gould (Canada)

マンディー・ゴールドは現代の世界のリンディホップ界のど真ん中にいるリンディホッパー。カナダのトロントのスウィングダンスシーンを起こした人。特筆すべきは2014年にNYで開催された超巨大スウィングイベント、Frankie 100を主催した。Frankie Manning Foundation の理事も務めており、世界のリンディホップ事情を少しでも知っているなら、およそ彼女を知らない人はいない。2019年の5月にフランキーの誕生日も兼ねて、リジェンド Lennart らと共に NYで Swedes in New York City という大イベントを主催する事でも注目されている。今回はそのオーガナイジングチームが、直前に来日を決めた。Swedes in New York City のエッセンスを一足先にこの東京でお楽しみいただけるくことに。

Mandi から東京の皆さまへのメッセージ:


The organizer team of Frankie 100

(From right to left)
Sing Lim

Mandi Gould
Tim Collins
Elliott Donnelley

Mandi Gould has been passionate about Lindy Hop since she first laid eyes on the dance in 1998. The highlights of her life were assisting legendary swing dancer Frankie Manning with workshops in 2002, 2006 and 2008. In May of 2014, she was the Overall Producer for the largest swing dance festival of all time, Frankie 100, in New York City, including the show Swingin’ Frankie’s Way at Harlem’s World Famous Apollo Theater. She is also on the Board of Advisors for the Frankie Manning Foundation. Following Frankie’s example, she is dedicated to spreading the spirit of Lindy Hop as a joyful, inclusive, and welcoming dance. Mandi feels strongly that there is no such thing as two left feet, that it’s never too late to learn, and that Lindy Hop is a dance for real people from all walks of life.

Mandi Gould is the original founder of Bees’ Knees Dance in Toronto where she taught as Head Dance Instructor for 16 years. Her dance instruction has taken her across Canada and around the world, in the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, China, and South Korea. In 2002 she spent time in Saint Petersburg and Moscow where helped with the early development of the Russian Lindy Hop community. In 2003 she managed two North American tours for the Harlem Hot Shots and from 2002 to 2004 she assisted as an administrator for the Herräng Dance Camp, was Herräng’s original DJ Coordinator, and organized the Swing Bus in 2004. She is the co-found of Toronto Lindy Hop. Recently, she organized a special Lindy Hop event at the Rockefeller estate in Tarrytown, NY and is planning Swedes in New York City taking place in May 2019.

From Mandi to Tokyo! 

I am very excited to visit you all in Tokyo! I can’t wait to visit your beautiful country for the very first time and to carry Frankie Manning’s message. Frankie made a huge impact on my life and it’s my pleasure and also responsibility to help share what I can of his spirit and dancing with you. Best wishes from Canada and see you soon!

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