Mar 23 Talks about Frankie: The 20th Anniversary of the TSDS

Judy Pritchett ジュディ・プリチェット from New York Cit, Board member of Frankie Manning Foundation
Lana Turner ラナ・タナー from Harlem, New York City
Masahisa Segawa 瀬川昌久 from Tokyo, Board member of the Tokyo Swing Dance Society
Hiro Yamada Hiro from Tokyo, Founder of the Tokyo Swing Dance Society
Talks, video presentation, and discussions with Judy, Lana, Masahisa and Hiro

Friday March 23rd At Studio Necola

18:00 Masahisa Segawa and Hiro Yamada: Frankie and Japan
18:30 Judy Pritchett: Frankie Manning
19:45 Judy Pritchett: The Big Apple
21:00 Lana Turner: Frankie Quilt, Harlem, Jazz and Harlem fashion

フランキーを世界で最も知る人物、Judy がTSDS20周年で来日し、フランキーと日本とビッグアップルについて徹底的にお話してくれます。


また日本を代表するジャズ&ジャズダンス評論家、瀬川昌久先生が、モデレーターも務めるTSDS 山田浩之とともに、20年前に日本に初めてFrankie Manning をリンディホップインストラクターとして招聘した経緯を、直接お話いたします。



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Judy Pritchett

Judy Pritchett grew up in New York City and went to college in bucolic Vermont. To this day her affections are divided between big cities/big bands and the raw natural environment. Directly from college she joined the civil rights movement in Mississippi and she remains passionate about racial issues in the work place, in the dance community and everywhere else. She did graduate work in anthropology at Columbia University, with a focus on race and gender in the American south.  After working with seriously mentally ill people in a community day program – at that time a new area as the large hospitals were starting to close – she went back to Columbia University for a masters degree in Occupational Therapy and worked developing innovative programs in community-based settings for the mentally ill for many years. Her last 10 years in this field was as clinical director of Project Reachout of Goddard Riverside Community Center, one of the first programs of outreach to mentally ill homeless persons. There she did program development for this unique population, as well as staff training and supervision. At the same time, she discovered the joys of swing dancing, participating in its revival in New York City starting in 1985.  During the early years of the revival, when there were still many Savoy dancers participating in events, she met and fell in love with Frankie Manning. She was his girlfriend for 21 years until his passing in 2009.

As a swing dancer, Judy developed a strong interest in the history of the Savoy Ballroom and launched one of the first swing dance websites, The Archives of Early Lindy Hop, in 1995. A couple of years later she opened one of the first online shops for Lindy Hop dancers, Savoy Style Swing Dance Shop. Judy has also produced a documentary about the 1930s dance craze the Big Apple, in which she gives an in-depth analysis of the Big Apple and sheds light on Frankie Manning’s relationship to the dance form and its South Carolina roots. Judy has for many years functioned as a kind of knowledgeable link between the old-school swing era, the New York Lindy Hop scene and the legacy of Frankie Manning himself. She is a founding board member of the Frankie Manning Foundation.

Lana Turner

A New York native, Lana Turner, as a little girl learned to dance standing on her father’s shoes as he waltzed her around the livingroom.  Her parents, Lee and Ida Turner, danced and socialized at The Alhambra, The Renaissance and The Savoy Ballroom – all in New York’s famed Harlem community.  Lana honors the legacy of swing dancing, big bands and Harlem’s cultural heritage through participation and advocacy in circles and forums wherever she travels.

Educated at The City College of New York and Sarah Lawrence College, Lana has keen interests in literary pursuits.  In addition to writing she also chairs a literary society now in its 36th year.

A licensed real estate salesperson with the firm of Denise Shaw, Esq. & Associates, Ms. Turner is both a preservationist and historian.  She takes great care to help her clients understand architecture, interiors and historical contexts.

Prior to real estate, Ms. Turner produced major events among them – Mandela at Yankee Stadium, Media Party for 25,000 guests, and Men Who Cook.

Her work in real estate, production and personal style have been cited in magazines and newspapers: The New York Times, Essence, The New York Daily News, New York Magazine, and Vogue.  Additonal publications of citations include the following books: Style and Grace: African Americans at Home, Harlem Style, Coming Together: Celebrations for African American Families; A Love No Less: Two Centuries of African American Love Letters; Spirit of Harlem; In Our Own Image; The Way We Wore; Advanced Style: Older and Wiser; and The Red Rooster Cookbook: The Story of Food and Hustle in Harlem. 

Masahisa Segawa (left)
瀬川昌久 (左)

1924年(大正13年)東京生まれ。東京大学法学部卒。ジャズ、ジャズダンス、映画、演劇、ミュージカル分野の日本を代表する評論家。『月刊ミュージカル』(ミュージカル出版社)編集長。1998年3月、山田浩之(東京スウィングダンスソサエティ: TSDS)とともにフランキー・マニング(写真・右)を日本に招聘。TSDS の顧問も務める。

富士銀行ニューヨーク支店に駐在していた時期に名著「Jazz Dance, The Story of American Vernacular Dance」の著者 Marshall & Jean Stearns から直接レクチャーを受けている。多数の執筆および著作があり、代表作は「舶来音楽芸能史 ジャズで踊って(清流出版)」など。


Hiro Yamada (right)

Hiro Yamada founded the Tokyo Swing Dance Society in 1998 when he invited Frankie Manning to Tokyo with Masahisa Segawa for Frankie’s first visit to Japan as a dance instructor of the Lindyhop.  The dance  workshop was the first lindyhop lesson historically in Japan and became a strong kickoff of the swing dance scenes in this country.  He organized Frankie Manning’s Millennium Birthday Bash in Tokyo in 2000 with an endorsement of The U.S. Embassy in Japan that was not only Frankie’s official 86th birthday, but also only one his official birthday event outside the US.  

He built his lindyhop dance studio in the center of Tokyo in December 2013 that is the only one dance studio for the lindyhop in Japan as of 2018.  So far, he has organized many dance workshops and parties with lindyhop international masters including Frankie Manning, Chazz Young, Erin Stevens(picture, left), Ryan Francois, Jenny Thomas, Skye Humphries, Frida Segerdahl, Cynthia Millman, Joyss, Fabien Vrillon, Lisa Clarke, and more and more…


“What a wonderful way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Tokyo Swing Dance Society! This stellar team knows so much about Frankie, the Savoy Ballroom, the Big Apple, the history of swing dancing and Harlem, and Frankie’s visits to Japan in 1998 and 2000. Japanese swing dancers are guaranteed to have a great time hearing their memories, stories, and insights! Highly recommended!”

By Cynthia R. Millman
co-author, Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop
Temple University Press, 2007