The DecaVitas in Tokyo 2019

The DecaVitas in Tokyo presented by Tokyo Swing Dance Society & Swing Cats Tokyo

Workshops and Dances

Enjoy a super weekend with The DecaVitas from Stockholm, Sweden.

スウェーデンの超元気な美人姉妹スーパーリンディホッパー Charlie & Rebecka の The DecaVitas が東京にやってきます。彼女らとのダンスとワークショップを存分にお楽しみください。


Directions to the venues:

Fai Aoyama 
Bunkyo Civic Hall 1st basement Tamokuteki Shitsu room 文京シビックホール B1 多目的室 
Seta Chiku Kaikan 瀬田地区会館


No pre sign-up is needed. Pay at the door in cash.

The DecaVitas

About The DecaVitas,Charlie and Rebecka

Bunkyo Friday Swing Night on May 31st

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The DecaVitas in Tokyo, workshops and dances
Bunkyo Friday Swing Night with two live jazz bands and the DecaVitas!

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Details here. 詳細

Movie Alive And Kicking: Charlie and Rebecka appear in this trailer at 0:53 and 1:39.

Charlie wears her green tops dancing the final at the Hellzapoppin’ dance contest at Frankie Manning 100 in New York in 2014.