Venue 会場 Studio Necola

Studio Necola 

〒 112-0001 東京都文京区白山2-14-14、1階
1st floor, 2-14-14, Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 112-0001

If the door is closed, please call the 1st floor’s intercom on the wall and the 2nd floor’s intercom next.  There are two doors to enter the studio.  Since the second blue door is SUPER sound proof, no sounds are audible if it is closed.  The door handle inside might be forcefully, but it is not locked.


  • 最寄り駅からの時間  Metro stations


Myogadani station (M-23) 11 min. walk
Hakusan station (I-13)  11 min. walk
Kasuga station (I-12, E-07) 15 min. walk
Korakuen station (M-22, N-11) 17 min. walk

  • 駐車場  Parking spots


A parking spot is available at the studio.  Please ask beforehand.

  • 近隣のコンビニ、おすすめできるレストラン・カフェ・店舗などこちら

Convenience stores, good restaurants, cafes and food markets near the studio.

Judy Pritchett and Lana Turner visited the Necola on March 2018 for the 20th anniversary event of the Tokyo Swing Dance Society.


Details of the followings can be seen HERE.

スタジオ空調換気 Air conditioning design by Hiro, Tokyo Swing Dance Society
スタジオ防音 Soundproof design by D.S.P. Corporation and Hiro, TSDS
スタジオ調音 Sound room design by Hiro, TSDS
スタジオ音響 PA design by Peak Sound Corporation and Hiro, TSDS
スタジオ映像 Video projector by TomTech and Hiro, TSDS
スタジオ照明 Lighting design by Ripple Corporation and Hiro, TSDS
スタジオアロマ Aroma planning by Yukiko Kakue
建物設計 General design by Yoshiyuki Arai
建物施工 Built by Ueno Construction Corporation
スタジオ改修施工 Studio renovation by TOPCO corporation
スタジオ舞台幕 Stage curtain by Tokyo Velludo Co.,Ltd
ネコラの彫刻 Sculpture of Necola by Ren Makabe
ピアノアドバイザー Piano advisor; Hajime Kobayashi
ピアノ調律 Piano tuning; Seibu Piano 

There is the Koishikawa Botanical Garden in front of the Necola.  This area is one of the safest neighborhoods in Tokyo as written in the following blog.

Tokyo’s Safest Neighborhoods: Ranked by Crime Statistics (Part 1)