Kyoto Tachibana High School SWINGIN’ & Dancing Marching Band

Japanese Kyoto Tachibana Senior High School SWINGIN’ & DANCING Marching Band will perform at Formosa New Year’s Eve Special Concert broadcasting at 9pm on the 21st Japan Standard Time.  Their version of ‘Sing Sing Sing’ is a super swingin’ performance not only music itself but their swing dancing.  Never miss the live broadcasting on the YouTube here from Taiwan.  Check out the article at FOCUS TAIWAN about this too.

Sing Sing Sing

The following is the full version.

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  1. According to the video above, their playlist tonight will be as follows.

    1: Winter Games
    2: Soran Funk (ソーラン節ファンク)
    3: Sing Sing Sing


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