Booking Form for Necola Premium Hop on September 16th

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    Booking through this page you are watching now is required to join the dance to begin with.
    Then please pay on the door with one of the following ways.
    1: in cash in Japanese Yen
    2: with PayPay
    3: with Rakuten Cash

    Your Name (required) お名前 (氏名フルネーム 必須)

    Input your email address below(req.) please. Double check needed. If you input a wrong one, you won't receive anything. When no reply in 5 hours except 0am to 8am, you should try again maybe with your different email address.

    以下にメールアドレス (必須)をお書きください。万一、ここを間違えられますと、返信ができません。送信前に再度、ご確認ください。夜0時から朝8時を除き、5時間を超えて返信がない場合は、メールアドレスの誤記の可能性があります。正しいアドレス、他のアドレスで再度、お試しください。

    Retype your mail address below(req.)
    メールアドレス (再度)(必須)

    How many people do you want to book including you?

    Please write all the other names of your group members you want to book together.