25th Anniversary of Tokyo Swing Dance Society

Tokyo Swing Dance Society was established in 1998 with Frankie Manning.

Several special events of TSDS25 will take place in 2023.  Lisa and Fabien, one of the current top Lindyhop professional pairs in the world, came to Tokyo in April to begin with.

Tokyo Lindy Exchange 2023 will take place in May.  Highlight of the TLX2023 is Shinjuku Spring Jazz Festival on May 13th.  About 200 jazz musicians are joining to perform and the lindyhoppers will have our swing dance floor there.  We will have the other dances on the 12th and 14th.  DANCING BUS, KAWASAKI SWING, SWINGCATS TOKYO and TOKYO SWING DANCE SOCIETY are organizing TXL2023. Stay tuned.

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