About TSDS

Tokyo Swing Dance Society (TSDS) was established by Hiroyuki Yamada with Masahisa Segawa in 1998 just after Frankie Manning‘s first visit to Tokyo as a lindyhop instructor.   There was no lindyhop scene at all before TSDS not only in Tokyo but also in Japan.  Since then, TSDS has provided all about swing dance in the area of Tokyo and produced many swing dancers and lindyhop instructors not only in Japan but also the other countries.  Frankie Manning’s (86th) Millennium Birthday Bash was held by TSDS in Tokyo in 2000 which included lindyhop workshops taught by the maestro himself; the climax of the festivities featured a live orchestra. Manning drew a huge crowd of Japanese and foreign expatriate swing enthusiasts for this memorable occasion.   This gala was officially endorsed by American Center of American Embassy in Japan.  TSDS is currently providing dance lessons everyday and a couple of social dances every week. Please check out the TSDS Swing Google Calendar to join them.


‘Hiro’ Hiroyuki Yamada,   Tokyo, Japan

Frankie Manning
(1914-2009), still adviser from the Heavens
Masahisa Segawa (1924-2021), Tokyo, Japan , still adviser from the Heavens
Cynthia R. Millman, New York, U.S.A.
Ryan Francois, U.K. 
Erin Stevens
, California, U.S.A. 
Sing Lim
, Singapore