TSDS Workshop about Count Basie Orchestra Special Clinic at Bluenote Tokyo

Count Basie Orchestra’s clinic took place at Blue Note Tokyo on November 26th 2023 with Scotty Barnhart, the band leader, and all the band members.  Lots of swing dance legends including Frankie Manning so far says the CBO is the best swing band ever for lindyhoppers.  Some TSDS members took this clinic and learned why the sounds of the band are the best for dancers that Frankie and the other lindy giants haven’t mentioned before.

So, TSDS would like to share some important contents from the clinic for those who want to know that.

Date: Sunday December 3rd, 2023
Time: 10:30am till 11:49am
The door will open at 10:15am

Booking is mandatory HERE.
Book your spot by 12am on the day please.
Admission: 1,000 JPY
Please pay on the door in cash.  Only JPY is acceptable.
Venue: Studio Necola
Feedback from the world

We’re gonna listen to and compare the following two albums of CBO. The first LP record is a recording from radio live broadcasting from Savoy Ballroom in the US in 1937.  This is a very rare LP which is not listed on Wikipedia about CBO.


The other one is the lates live recording in 2021 at Birdland, NYC.


Shinjuku Trad Jazz Festival Where We Can Hop

Short notice, but good notice. Save November 11th and 12th for fantastic Shinjuku Trad Jazz Festival where we can lindyhop on the street. Free outdoor event and no signing-up is required.  Never miss them.

  • From 11:40am till 16:30pm on Saturday November 11th
  • Suggested main dancing time on the 11th will be 12:30-14:50pm
  • From 11:40am till 16:30pm on Sunday November 12th
  • Suggested main dancing time on the 12th will be 13:20-14:50pm
  • Four venues: three spots on the street and one music club
  • We can dance on the streets freely, but maybe not at the club.
  • Google My-Maps: Here
  • Band Schedule: Here on Google drive. Reload it to get the latest one,
  • No signup needed and free of charge on the street
  • Maybe one drink should be ordered inside the club.
  • Stay tuned here for more information regarding the festival.
  • Check out Facebook page and group of the Tokyo Swing Dance Society too.
  • Photos: Day-1 & Day-2
  • Photos on the facebook event. Visit DISCUSSION to see the pohtos.

Necola Premium Hop, Tokyo

We’re gonna have a dance with them at Studio Necola at 1:30 pm on September 16th, 2023.

Hirofumi Asaba on guitar and Nobuyuki Yano on bass.
Yuka Deguchi will be featured on jazz vocals.

Booking is required HERE in advance.  4,000 Yen per person.  Never miss it!

PLUS: Chieko Saito is gonna join us with her trumpet who graduated Kyoto Tachibana High School Band a.k.a. Kyoto’s Orange Devils that is now recognized as number one marching swinging and dancing band especially in the world of YouTube.


Live Music Every Day in Tokyo

Some of us are gonna go dancing at WTD on August 2nd.  Why don’t you join us?   Live music there takes place at 9 till 11pm.

There are a lot of inquiries like where they can go dancing in Tokyo. Tokyo Swing Dance Society has regular socials with recorded music weekly in general as written on the TSDS calendar. BTW, do you know What The Dickens, a music night club at Ebisu that has live music almost every day? We’ve never seen pure swing bands there, but they play Bluse, Country, Contemporary Fork, Soul, R&B. Funk, Rock, Jazz Manouche and Pop. Although it might be difficult to dance to those tunes a little for beginner lindyhoppers, there are still some possibilities of dancing for experienced swing dancers. No music charge at WTD. 9-11pm is a core dance time.

July 29th: Group Discussion of GQ’s article about Lindyhop from 1930s to 2020s

GQ Magazine 2000年12月号に掲載されたLindyhop リバイバルに関する超有名にして超名文の記事の読書研究会です。その英文記事がとても素晴らしいので、英語でそのまま輪読し、必要に応じて Necola のライブラリー参考資料や映像と併せて研究・考察を深めていきます。英語の原文をベースにした、日本語での研究会です。以下の4人の講師が一人30分程度で担当部分の内容を説明し、最後に全体でディスカッションを進めます。初めての方や英語の苦手な方でも、聴講生としてご参加いただけます。
7月29日14:00-17:00pm at Studio Necola

続きを読む July 29th: Group Discussion of GQ’s article about Lindyhop from 1930s to 2020s