• Abstract of TLX2023 

May 12th: TLX2023- Tokyo Blues & Swing Night with dj’ed music
May 13th: TLX2023- Shinjuku Jazz Festival
May 14th: TLX2023- Bal Fiesta with dj’ed music
May 14th: TLX2023- Necola Premium Swing Night with one of the toppest jazz bands in Tokyo

Tokyo Blues & Swing Night

      • A dance event at one of the nice night clubs in Tokyo
      • Blues and Swing with DJs
      • FB event is HERE.

Shinjuku Jazz Festival 2023

      • The funnest jazz festival in Japan where we can dance.
      • Free of charge for swing dancers who book HERE.
      • Program of the jazz festival: HERE
      • 日本で最も楽しく、そしてスウィングダンスを踊れるジャズフェスティバルです
      • 新宿ジャズフェスのスウィングダンサーの招待登録は こちら

Bal Fiesta

      • A balboa dance event with DJs
      • Details: HERE
      • バルボアのイベントです
      • 詳細:こちら

Necola Premium Swing Night

      • Dance to the toppest swing jazz band in Tokyo!
      • Details and how to book: HERE
      • Booking was closed. No tickets on the door are available. Thanks!
      • 東京でスウィングをガツンと踊るならこのバンド!
      • 詳細とご予約は: こちら