RRR Indian Dance Movie feat. SWING!

Have you already watched RRR, an Indian dance movie?  If not, hurry up to go to the cinema.   The story is about independence movements in India against the U.K. in 1920s.  And a high light scene for us is that it features ‘SWING’. It is just a couple of seconds, but the impact is super CHOooo awesome.   Never miss it with a huge screen at a cinema! Not with streaming services on a small PC monitor.

Live Recording in Tokyo in 1963

Recently I had a successful bid of a historical Japanese swing LP that was lively recorded in Tokyo in 1963. It’s a joint concert with two famous big bands featuring also two fabulous jazz vocalists from Japan and the US.

Count Basie And His Orchestra featuring Chiemi Eri

Nobuo Hara And His Sharps & Flats featuring Jimmy Witherspoon

Nobuo Hara (1926-2021): The best Japanese swing big band leader ever
Chiemi Eri (1937-1982): Japanese super vocalist who is one of my favorite ones

Some of the tunes were uploaded on YouTube by someone, but those sounds quality was not so good. So, I’d like to play the LP for dancing at Tokyo Swing Night at fai Aoyama on February 1st . Let’s have a good dancing time!