Tokyo Swing Dance Society / Studio Necola
  • 全てのクラスやSwing Night は、Swing Calendar に記載の通り、開催されています。
  • 3/20 Necola Premium Swing with Necola Super Five feat. 板谷大
Notice of coming classes and dances:
  • All the classes and dances are taking place.  Please check out the Swing Calendar for more information.
  • Necola Premium Swing, One O’clock Jump on March 20th with Yoshie Nakamura And Her Coronabusters featuring Hiroshi Itaya, a super piano player from Sapporo

Necola Premium Swing, One O’Clock Jump

Let’s have a dance with a super jazz band in Japan!  Pre-signup is required. 
April 11th, Sunday.  At 1 pm.
All you can eat and drink.  6,000 yen.

Band: Necola Premium Swing All Stars 

Hajime Kobayashi on piano 小林創
Junji Oji Kimura on drums 木村おうじ純士
MITCH on trumpet ミッチ
Yuka Deguchi on vocals 出口優日

How to pre-signup and pay お申し込みとお支払い方法


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*PCから視聴する場合は、左の埋め込み動画の再生ボタンを押すと右下に「YouTube」と出てきますので、そこを再度クリックして 「Youtube.comで視聴する」と、評価ボタンを押すことができます。埋め込み映像では評価ボタンが出てきません(涙)

This is a swing music and swing dancing YouTube video produced and directed by TSDS supported and approved by Tokyo Metropolitan in July 2020.   Famous swing tunes including a Japanese one during 1930s are featured in it and performed by top swing jazz musicians in Tokyo.  Enjoy one minute Shim-Sham lesson for beginners with a new camera idea too!


平林義晴(drums) Yoshiharu Hirabayashi
菅野淳史(trumpet) Atsushi Kanno
浅葉裕文(guitar) Hirofumi Asaba
矢野伸行(bass) Nobuyuki Yano
出口優日(vocals) Yuka Deguchi
瀬川昌久 Masahisa Segawa

井上こころ Cocoro Inoue
Hiro Yamada


The Swing Calendar of the Tokyo Swing Dance Society and the Swing Cats Tokyo

There are many classes of the Lindyhop at the TSDS night and day seven days a week. Please check out the swing calendar below to chose classes you want to join and signup through this form.  The regular Sunday classes don’t require any signup.    

TSDS と SCT のスウィングカレンダーは以下をクリックしてご確認ください。

To Learn the Lindyhop


平日(午後、夜) 週末 祝祭日特別 個人


There are many ways to learn the Lindyhop with TSDS.

Weekdays, weekend, holidays, special workshops and private lessons. 

Check out the menu above and the calendar below for the details.

Student Discount 学割 (キッズクラスは除く)

When you are a student and under 23 years old, you can get a discount. See the swing calendar below for more information.

Check out feedback to the TSDS and SCT.  


Tokyo Swing Nights

Weekly social swing dance nights open to the public at a night club in Omotesando, Tokyo. Anyone who likes swing dance and swing music is welcome. For more information, see the swing calendar below.

表参道駅から徒歩1分の抜群のロケーション、ベテランDJ、バーとダンススペース、迫力サウンドの音響設備、禁煙イベント、初心者フリーレッスン、そしてフレンドリーな雰囲気などなど、DJスウィングダンスとしての全てがここに揃っています。しかも毎週! 海外から踊りに来るダンサーが多いことでも知られています。

Please check out its direction to the Fai Aoyama here.
Fai Aoyama にて開催されます。アクセスはこちらをご確認ください。表参道駅B1出口徒歩1分の絶好のロケーションです。

Run by Swing Cats Tokyo and powered by Tokyo Swing Dance Society.
Details can be seen on the swing calendar below

Frankie Manning Foundation’s Lindy Hop Values in Japanese

Frankie Manning Foundation がその Web 上で、先の5月のフランキーの Birthday Month に合わせて、「Lindy Hop Values」を世界各国語に翻訳して並べてみよう、というプロジェクトを行いました。全部で8種類8色の絵から成っています。


At the Studio Necola
Next session will be announced soon.

日本と世界の Lindy Hop と Jazz の歴史を関連する重要な書籍や文献、映像、音源、資料から学ぶ、特別ワークショップです。要事前予約。Studio Necola にて開催。予約方法はカレンダーの該当項目参照。


 Chronology of the Lindy Hop in Japan and related world history




Tokyo Swing Dance Society was established in 1998 just after Frankie Manning‘s first visit to Tokyo as a lindyhop instructor.  There was no lindyhop scene at all in Japan before that.  For Frankie’s 86th birthday, Frankie Manning’s (86th) Millennium Birthday Bash was held by TSDS in Tokyo in his honor, which was endorsed by American Center of American Embassy in Japan.  

For more information about TSDS, see the pulldown menu above please,

TSDS 20周年記念グッズ
Goods for sale: The 20th Anniversary of the Lindyhop

缶バッジ Badge
Post Card
手ぬぐい Japanese Traditional Towel (Nihon Tenugui)

2000年制作のOFFICIAL FRANKIE 86 TOKYO 関連goods

公式ポスター Official Poster
Official T-Shirts(残数わずか、貴重です)

Details can be seen on the pull down menu above

Frankie in Tokyo

Frankie は今から20年前、1998年3月にリンディホップインストラクターとして初めての来日を果たしました。この写真はその時の表参道のジャズクラブで開催されたダンスパーティーでFrankieが Shim Shamをパフォーマンスしているところです。




Tokyo Swing Dance Society & Swing Cats Tokyo would like to acknowledge our deep indebtedness to many people, companies and organizations for making the 20th anniversary of the TSDS a major success.  Please see the dedicated webpage for the list of the contributors.

April, 2018
Tokyo Swing Dance Society & Swing Cats Tokyo

Necola Premium Swing, One O’Clock Jump

Let’s have a dance with a wonderful jazz band in Japan!  Pre-signup is required. 
March 20th, Saturday.  At 1 pm.
All you can eat and drink.  6,000 yen.

Band: Yoshie Nakamura and Her Super Coronabusters

Yoshie Nakamura on trumpet 中村好江 (from Sugzuka)
Hiroshi Itaya on piano 板谷大 (from Sapporo)
Masato Kobayashi on bass 小林真人
Yoshiharu Hirabayashi on drums 平林義晴
Yuka Deguchi on vocals 出口優日

How to pre-signup and pay お申し込みとお支払い方法

December 26th, 2020

Necola Holiday Swing

A special holiday swing dance event to dance to the best swing combo featuring Hiroshi Itaya, a super pianist from Sapporo!

December  26th Saturday at the Necola
12/26 土曜日 Studio Necola にて札幌と鈴鹿よりスーパーミュージシャンを迎えて Let’s dance!

12:30 pm The door will open.

平林義晴(drums) Yoshiharu Hirabayashi
板谷大(piano) Hiroshi Itaya from Sapporo
小林真人(bass) Masato Kobayashi
中村好江(trumpet) Yoshie Nakamura from Suzuka
出口優日(vocals) Yuka Deguchi

5,000 yen.  All you can drink.  With cheeses and breads. 

November 23rd, 2020


Necola Premium Swing

A special swing dance event to dance to the best swing combo in Tokyo!

November 23rd Monday and national holiday at the Necola
11/23 勤労感謝の日(祝日)Studio Necola にて東京のベストスウィングジャズミュージシャンが集合!

12:30 pm The door will open.
13:00 The first set of live swing music will begin.  Let’s dance!
17:00 The end

平林義晴(drums) Yoshiharu Hirabayashi
小林創(piano) Masato Kobayashi
小林真人(bass) Masato Kobayashi
菅野淳史(trumpet) Atsushi Kanno
出口優日(vocals) Yuka Deguchi
featuring special guest player
Kanato (guitar) Kanato

Registration is open now.  5,000 yen.  All you can drink.  With cheeses and breads. 

January 3rd, 2020

Necola New Year Super Premium Swing 2020

With Necola Super Swing Trio featuring Yuka Deguchi on vocals

and two Hinai-Jidori chickens are joining us……

Details HERE.

December 27th, 2019

Tokyo Holiday Swing Ball at Blue Mood Hamarikyu

With Natsuko Furukawa Swing Orchestra featuring three fabulous jazz vocalists in Tokyo

Yuka Deguchi, Tomomitsu Maruyama and Mari Nakamura

Details HERE.

Necola Super Premium Swing

2-6 pm, July 24th 2020
At Studio Necola, Tokyo Japan

平林義晴(drums) Yoshiharu Hirabayashi
小林創(piano) Masato Kobayashi
小林真人(bass) Masato Kobayashi
菅野淳史(trumpet) Atsushi Kanno
出口優日(vocals) Yuka Deguchi
featuring special guest player
浅葉裕文(guitar) Hirofumi Asaba

May 26th, 2020
5/26はフランキーマニングの誕生日です。Frankie Manning Foundation では今年、シムシャムリレーという企画を立てています。フランキー、お誕生日おめでとう!
December 13th – 22nd, 2019

Two Weekends of Dance Workshops and Christmas Dances with JB & LISA in Tokyo
presented by TSDS & Swing Cats Tokyo

世界で超引っ張りだこの人気スウィングダンスインストラクター、JB Mino と Lisa Clarke が12月のクリスマスシーズンど真ん中の2週末にわたり東京にやってきます。盛り沢山のワークショップとクリスマスダンスパーティを豪華に、そして存分にお楽しみください。これが「The クリスマスプレゼント」です(笑)!

Details HERE.

December 14th, 2019
Pre-Christmas Dance with JB and Lisa

with Yoshiharu Hirabayashi Quartet

Special guest lindyhoppers: JB and Lisa from France

At 18:30 pm on December 14th
At Academy Myodai, Myogadani

Details HERE.

December 20th, 2019
Bunkyo Christmas Swing with JB and Lisa

with Kyoichi Watanabe Quintet featuring Yuka Deguchi on vocals

Special guest lindyhoppers: JB and Lisa from France

At 18:45 pm on December 20th
At Bunkyo Civic Center in Kasuga/Korakuen

Details HERE.


「戦前戦後の日本映画におけるJazz と Jazz Dance」

“Jazz and Jazz Dance in Japanese Movies before and after the Great East Asia War”
By Masahisa Segawa, Jazz Critic. 95 years old.
Produced by Hiro Yamada, Tokyo Swing Dance Society

Details HERE
November 9th & 10th, 2019

The best jazz festival in Japan for lindyhoppers!
Swing Dance の踊れる日本のジャズフェス  #1!

Details HERE. 詳細

Swingin’ is Believen’ if You Believe in Swing!
Details of the event  イベント詳細
Details of Yoko Noge Blues Band バンド詳細
Chicago から Jazz & Blues のコアな二人、Yoko Noge(p,vo) と Samuel Burckhardt (sax)を迎え、さらに東京の豪華メンバーを加えて。
東京のベスト・スィングダンス Venue であるばかりか、他の追随を許さない最高のサウンドで、オ・ド・リ・マ・ク・リ、ます。

Necola Super Swing Night
Details 詳細

Necola Super Swing Night

5 PM, Sunday, Sep.8th, 2019

With The Necola Super 3
Hajime Kobayashi on Hammond Organ and acoustic piano
Masato Kobayashi on double bass
Yoshiharu Hirabayashi on drums

Details 詳細


Never miss this swing dance night with SUPER jazz musicians in Tokyo.  All of them are well-known here in Tokyo.  Hajime plays both his fabulous acoustic piano and groovy Hammond Organ. If you are a lindyhopper and have never danced to his play, you are missing something important in your life:)   Yoshiharu is a super swing drummer and Masato’s base is the beats just for lindyhoppers.  So, this is THE swing jazz trio in Tokyo!

Special Workshop of Lindyhop

Josie Say from CA/NY
Saturday August 31st
at the Necola

Details 詳細

8/31 土曜日 16:00 より3クラス:

JOSIE SAY has thrived in the arts and entertainment industry for over 25 years and through her love of acting and theatre, she found her passion for dance. Based in CA and NY, she travels internationally as a teacher, choreographer, and performer. One of the first vernacular jazz revivalists in the early 1990s and known for her fusion of traditional and contemporary styles, Josie has influenced multiple generations of the swing dance community. Josie’s dedication to preserving not only the art form of lindy hop, but the history and culture surrounding it, led her to study and work with Tony Award winner Frankie Manning, and found the collective, Harlem Soul. ​In recent years, Josie has been a featured performer at Carnegie Hall, The Apollo Theater​ and Jazz at Lincoln Center​. For more details, see HERE.

Roser Ros in Tokyo 2019

August 10th Workshops
August 11th Workshops
August 12th Workshops followed by non-stop jazz live & dance

Enjoy a swingin’ weekend with Roser Ros from barcelona, Spain.

Roser is an international swing dance instructor based in Barcelona, Spain. She teaches lindy hop, solo jazz and areals in some of the most important Lindy Hop events currently in Europe, and also teaches regular classes in her home scene, Barcelona. And never miss a special dance on the 12th where Hajime Kobayashi’s SUPER Organ Duo and Natsuko Furukawa’s Swing Trio are performing to lindyhoppers. Both the band leaders are best swingin’ jazz piano/organ players in Tokyo, Japan.

スペイン、バルセロナから今、ヨーロッパで旬のインストラクター、Roser Ros が東京にやってきます。彼女のワークショップに加えて、ゴージャスなジャズミュージシャンの演奏で開催される文京スペシャルスウィングボールも存分にお楽しみください。

Details here.  詳細

Bunkyo Special Swing Night

月曜ですが休日この日は、東京の超豪華なスウィングジャズメンバーが揃います。小林創オルガンデュオと古川奈都子トリオ feat. 出口優日(vo)がノンストップライブミュージックで勝負。スペインはバルセロナからRoser Ross がゲストで参加。超破格値に加えて予約不要!ちょっとありえません(笑) 

Never miss this big chance to dance to two top swing live bands in Tokyo.  Hajime Kobayashi and Natsuko Furukawa are the two best piano/organ players in Tokyo.  Let’s swing to their nonstop live music with a guest lindyhopper Roser Ross from Barcelona, Spain. 

18:15 P.M., August 12th

Hajime Kobayashi Organ Duo
Natsuko Furukawa Piano Trio featuring Yuka Deguchi on vocals
and Roser Ros from Spain

Details here. 詳細こちら

8/2 金曜 18:30 開場、19:00 開始
August  2nd Friday, The door will open at 18:30pm
Necola Friday Swing with the Cotton Sisters +
At the Necola, Tokyo

今回は福岡から、昨年の浅草ジャズコンテストのグランプリを受賞した新進気鋭の女性コーラスグループ、The Cotton Sisters が登場。演奏はは古川奈都子ピアノトリオ (w/工藤精&田中涼)。

Details HERE  詳細こちら

7/15 海の日 13:00 P.M.
July 15th Monday Holiday 13:00-18:00
Necola Premium Swing (Summer)
At the Necola, Tokyo

Let’s swing-dance to the best swing piano trio in Tokyo!   


Details Here 詳細こちら

Jo Hoffberg in Tokyo

June 14th Workshops
June 15th Workshops and Tokyo Swing Ball
June 16th Workshops

Details here.  詳細こちら

Tokyo Swing Ball

18:00 P.M., June 15th

With Jo Hoffberg from San Francisco!
Natsuko Furukawa Swing Orchestra featuring Yuka Deguchi on vocals, the best swing orchestra in Tokyo!!
At The Blue Mood, Hamarikyu, the best swing dance venue in Tokyo!!!

Details HERE 詳細こちら

The DecaVitas 2019 in Tokyo!

May 31st, Dance with 2 live jazz bands
June 1st & 2nd, Dance workshops

Details HERE 詳細こちら

Bunkyo Friday Swing Night

May 31st
Dance with non-stop two live jazz bands and our special guest dancers

Details HERE 詳細こちら

105th Weekend of Frankie Manning’s Birthday

Facebook Event site of this event

May 24th: Necola Friday Swing Night

with Yoshiharu Hirabayashi on drums and Yoshimi Fukasawa on acoustic piano
at Studio Necola
Details 詳細

May 25th: Special Workshops for Beginners

at Studio Necola
See the swing calendar for the details.
詳細はSwing Calendarでご確認ください

May 26th: TSDS Special Sunday Class
祝誕生日 特別日曜クラス

at Seta Chiku Kaikan 瀬田地区会館
See the swing calendar for the details.
詳細はSwing Calendarでご確認ください

新宿春の楽しいジャズ祭り 2019
Shinjuku Spring Jazz Festival 2019
May 11th, 11:00am-19:40pm

This is the best annual jazz festival in Tokyo for swing dancers. There are lots of jazz live performances by several hundred jazz musicians playing traditional jazz, New Orleans jazz, swing, blues, soul, R&B, jump, jive, hot jazz and straight jazz. Swing dancers will gather at one of 14 rooms in the venue and have social swing dancing. Sign up correctly as written on the page following and get a free invitation as a swing dancer to the festival. The dancers don’t have any obligation such as a dance performance. Just enjoy dancing to the wonderful swing jazz bands at the festival. Unless you sign up, please buy your ticket at the door to enter the venue.


Details and how to signup


Necola Golden Week Premium Swing 2019
May 5th at the Necola
  1. 特別ゲストは札幌のスーパーピアノプレーヤー板谷大
  2.  残りの4つは以下の詳細ページでご確認ください!

Never miss this super premium swing night at the Necola in Golden Week this year!  All the jazz musicians are fabulous featuring Hiroshi Itaya, a super guest piano player from Sapporo, and Shigeru Ukon, one of the top tenner men in Japan.  Yoshiharu Hirabayashi, the best swing drummer in Tokyo, leads The Necola Super 4 with Masato Kobayashi, a star player of double base in Japan.   Yuka Deguchi, a very swingin’ vocalist in Japan, will join the band.  Plus, there will be yummy food and nice wine as usual;)

予約必須。Reservation mandatory.

Details 詳細

New Era’s Special Workshops of Lindyhop

May 1st  12pm Beg.初級
May 2nd 12pm Beg.初級
May 2nd 3pm Intermediate 中級
May 4th 12pm Beg.初級
May 4th 3pm Intermediate 中級

Socials will follow all the workshops.

Two different levels, beginners and intermediate dancers.

No reservation required

See the calendar for the details.
Facebook event

Necola Cherry Blossoms Super Swing Night

18:30pm Saturday March 30th 2019
At the Necola (CLICK HERE)


Necola 恒例、お花見Swing Night with チーズ、ワインそしてスーパーデュオ。

東京の桜満開予定日3/30に合わせた、お花見スペシャルNecola Super Swing Nightを開催。
2,500円、予約不要! ノンアルコールもありますのでご安心を。


Yoshiharu Hirabayashi 平林義晴 on drums
Hajime Kobayashi 小林創 on piano

Let’s have a special swing night with full cherry blossoms lighted up at Studio Necola. There are some beautiful cherry blossoms spots around the Necola for example Harimazaka Sakura Namiki street, Koishikawa Botanical Garden and even some cherry trees just in front of the Necola. We’re gonna enjoy nice cheeses, wines and soft drinks there. Sign-up is NOT needed in advance. 2,500 yen.

18:30 The door will open
18:45-19:15 Beginner’s free lesson
19:15 Dance with dj’ed music
20:30 Live music will start

FB event of this event


March 13th – 17th, 2019

Never miss coming special workshops and dances in Tokyo with legends of swing including Lennart Westerlund, Sing Lim and Mandi Gould.

Details are available HERE.

3月、世界のリンディホップのリジェンドたちが東京にやってきます。リンディをリバイバルさせた人で、世界最大のスウィングダンスキャンプ、Herrang Dance Campを率いたレナート。さらに世界最大のスウィングダンスイベント FRANKIE 100 を主催したマンディーとシンが加わります。最強のメンバーとともに SWINGOUT TOKYO 2019 をお楽しみください。


Tokyo Swing Ball (Spring) 2019

March 17th, 2019
at 6pm at The Blue Mood, Hamarikyu

Natsuko Furukawa Swing Orchestra
featuring Tomomitsu Maruyama & Yuka Deguchi on vocals

The best swing orchestra in Tokyo to play at one of the best music clubs in Tokyo with legendary Lindyhoppers from all over the world.  Never miss it!

Lennart Westerlund from Sweden
Sing Lim from Singapore
Mandi Gould from Canada

Details are available HERE.

東京スウィングボール 2019 (春)
at the BLUE MOOD, 浜離宮

古川奈都子スウィングオーケストラ featring

世界最大のスウィングダンスキャンプ Herrang Dance Camp を主催したリジェンド、Lennart from Sweden や伝説の Frankie 100 in NYC を主催したMandi,とSing 、といった世界のスウィングダンスのドリームチームが東京に集結。ダンサーはもちろんジャズリスナーも唸る東京の最高のスウィングオーケストラが、都内でも最高クラスのサウンドのBlue Moodで演奏します。これが東京!これが本物!のスウィングの実力を、超破格値段で存分にご堪能ください!


Necola Premium Swing

Hot Jazz Sounds from New York City

January 14th, 2019
1 P.M. at the Necola

Necola Super 5, featuring a hot drummer from New York City

Shane Del Robles on drums from New York City シェーン・デル・ロウブルス
Kyoichi Watanabe on saxophone & clarinet 渡邊 恭一
Hajime Kobayashi on piano 小林 創
Masato Kobayashi on bass 小林 真人
Sari on vocals 紗理

2019年のネコプレ第2弾はニューヨークからのHot Jazzの風。ニューヨーク市のジャズシーン&スウィングダンスシーンで活躍するドラマー&パーカショニストのシェーン D ロウブルスを迎えたネコラ・スーパー5。共演陣はご覧のとおりの豪華さ。この日のプレミアムは美味しいネコラスペアリブらしいという噂が。。。;)

Don’t miss the second wave of the Necola Premium Swings too which is coming from New York City.  Shane Del Robles, an NYC based percussionist and bandleader of early American music, is joining Kyoichi Watanabe’s Necola Super 5 this day.  Shane has performed at swing and blues dances in the Big Apple.  B.T.W., it looks like Necola’s premium spare libs and nice wines will be on the table…;)

Shane Del Robles, s special guest drummer and percussionist from New York City

Details and Sign-up 詳細とお申し込み
Here こちら
予約必須です。Reservation mandatory. 

Necola New Year Premium Swing Night

January 3rd, 2019
4:30 P.M. at the Necola

Necola Super 4, featuring a super Hammond organist and a fabulous jazz guitarist in Tokyo

Hajime Kobayashi on Organ 小林 創
Yoshiharu Hirabayashi on drums 平林 義晴
Nagome Sakuma on guitar 佐久間 和
Yuka Deguchi on vocals 出口 優日

2019年のネコプレ第1弾、Swing踊初め。しかもバンドは超多忙のスーパージャズギタリスト佐久間和をフィーチャーしたNecola Super4。しかも、どうやらプレミアムな比内地鶏が二羽、飛んでくるようです 😉

Never miss this annual super premium swing night in the begging of a new year!  All the jazz musicians are totally fabulous, so you can’t stop dancing to them.  There will be nice wines that night with very yummy whole roasted Hinai-Jidori chickens, one of top branded chickens in Japan.

Nagome Sakuma and his Gibson L-4

Details and Sign-up 詳細とお申し込み
Here こちら
予約必須です。Reservation mandatory. 

Tokyo Holiday Swing Ball 2018

December 28th
At the Blue Mood in Hamarikyu


都内で最高レベルのミュージッククラブ。日本のベストスウィングオーケストラ featuring 3人のジャズヴォーカリスト。シカゴで活躍する Jazz and blues シンガー、Yoko Nogeが来日出演! どうぞお見逃しなく

Don’t miss this big swing ball in 2018 with the #1 swing orchestra in Japan at one of the best venues in Tokyo.  Natsuko Furukawa will lead her swingin’ orchestra featuring three fabulous jazz & blues vocalists including Yoko Noge from Chicago. Have a VERY good time!

Details Here

新宿トラッドジャズフェスティバル 2018
Shinjuku Trad Jazz Festival 2018
Nov 10th & 11th, 11:00am-16:30pm

Lots of jazz live performances.  Several hundred jazz musicians will play.   There are several free swing dance outdoor sites in the festival where you don’t need any signup.


Details: 詳細

Sweden からダイナマイトインストラクター、Charlie DecaVita 初来日。東京で。
Frankie 100 でのHellzapoppin’ でのファイナリスト! 
Charlie DecaVita’s special workshops in Tokyo!

Details: 詳細
Sign-up: 申し込み

TSDS’ special classes at BST

TSDS had special swing dance classes for about 150 swing kids of Year-4 and 5 (8-10 years old) at the British School in Tokyo on the 9th and 10th October.  Next TSDS classes at the school will be held on Oct. 31st for Year-13 students (17-18 years old) with a special assistance of Charlie DevaVita.

TSDS は10/9と10/10の両日、ブリティッシュ・スクール・イン・東京にて4年生と5年生 (8-10歳) の約150人の生徒を対象にスウィングダンス特別クラスを開催いたしました。150人もの8〜10歳の無尽蔵の若いエネルギーは凄いものがあります(笑) そして次回は10/31に13年生(17-18歳) 向けに開催しますが、なんとスウェーデンからのスーパーダンサー Charlie DecaVita さんがアシスタントティーチャーに入ってくれる事になっています。超贅沢! 

スーパースウィングダンサー Lisa が東京に!
Lisa Clarke To Return To Tokyo! 

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Frankie Manning’s 104th Birthday Special

TSDS Special Workshops for Beginners

May 26th, Frankie’s Birthday
12:00-14:15 pm
At Studio Necola

TSDS FM104 初心者スペシャルワークショップ


Frankie Manning’s 104th Birthday Special

Necola Special Swing
May 26th, Frankie’s Birthday
15:30-19:00 pm
At Studio Necola

with Yuka Deguchi & Her Jive At Five featuring
Makoto Ueno(sax), Atsuki Takizawa(dr) and Taku Yamamoto(piano)

FM104 スペシャルライブ&ダンス
with 出口優日 Jive At Five feat. 上野まこと(sax) 、たきざわあつき(dr)、山本琢(piano)

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with Anna & Gerard from Barcelona


Anna & Gerard

June 30th, July 1st, 7th and 8th

6/30, 7/1, 7/7, 7,8 の4日間!

欧州でも特にスウィングダンスの盛り上がりが激しいスペイン・バルセロナからから素敵な伸び盛りのペア、Anna & Gerard を迎えて、盛りだくさんのクリエイティブで楽しいダンスワークショップとスウィングパーティーを開催いたします。どうぞお見逃しなく! 詳細およびお申し込みは上記メニューからどうぞ。

Don’t miss this special workshops and dances with Anna and Gerard, wonderful lindyhop instructors from Barcelona.  There are totally four days of the workshops and two dances from which you can chose just one day of them or even one dance.   Yuka Deguchi and Her Jive At Five featuring super pianist YANCY is gonna play for the dance on July 8th in Omotesando!  Never miss them!   Details and how to sign up are available from the menu above.

Shinjyuku Spring Jazz Festival
May 12th, 2018

11:00 am till 20:30 pm
At 新宿文化センター Shinjuku Bunka Center

There are lots of jazz live performances in the building and a swing dance floor prepared at Tenjishitsu room.

Swing dancers’ signing up is available at Tokyo Swing Nights, Necola Swing Night and classes of Tokyo Swing Dance Society.  
Details can be seen from the pull down menu soon. 

スウィングダンサーの登録は東京スウィングナイト、Necola スウィングナイト、TSDSの各クラスで行なっています。

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Details can be seen on the pull down menu above

Judy Pritchett 
Lana Turner
Masahisa Segawa 瀬川昌久 
Hiro Yamada

Talks, video presentation, and discussions with Judy, Lana, Masahisa and Hiro.

Friday March 23rd At Studio Necola 

フランキーを世界で最も知る人物、Judy がTSDS20周年で来日し、フランキーと日本とビッグアップルについて徹底的にお話してくれます。


また日本を代表するジャズ&ジャズダンス評論家、瀬川昌久先生が、モデレーターも務めるTSDS 山田浩之とともに、20年前に日本に初めてFrankie Manning をリンディホップインストラクターとして招聘した経緯を、直接お話いたします。



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powered by Tokyo Swing Dance Society
supported by 新宿トラッドジャズフェスティバル実行委員会

3月24-25日 12:00pm-18:00pm



屋外メインステージ前のデッキがSwing Dance Festival フロア!


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Powered by Tokyo Swing Dance Society
Supported by Shinjuku Trad Jazz Festival

March 24th & 25th, 2018    12:00pm-18:00pm

Tennoz Canal Jazz (TCJ) is a two-day jazz festival taking place in Tennozu, one of the stylish areas in Tokyo.   Tennoz Canalside Vitalization Association runs this event, Tokyo Swing Dance Society produces its live jazz shows and swing dances with support of the organizing committee of Shinjuku Traditional Jazz Festival (STJF), one of the most popular jazz festivals in Tokyo.

About 14 swing and traditional jazz bands in Tokyo with 60 top professional musicians will play for 6 nonstop hours a day outdoors and indoors in the area.  There will be free dance lessons, and for the musicians- you can join in the jazz session and brass band parade.  Swing dance festival floor is on the deck in front of the main stage. You can purchase your food and beverages at lots of stalls there.

Anyone can join this FREELY.   Yes, it’s FREE OF CHARGE and no signing up is needed!.      Just show up, enjoy jazz and swing!   Will be the biggest swing festival in Tokyo.   

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